Zee Keralam Program Schedule Updated – Serials Telecast Timing

Neeyum Njanum, Karthikadeepam, Kudumbasree Sharada – Zee Keralam Program Timing

Neeyum Njanum Serial Zee Keralam Program Timing
നീയും ഞാനും

Zee Keralam did some arrangement at Prime time Slot from Week 49 Onwards. Serial Amma Makal original slot changed to Monday to Saturday at 07:30 P:M to 08:00 P:M. Karthikadeepam Serial original slot changed to Monday to Saturday at 08:00 P:M to 08:30 P:M. Neeyum Njanum original slot shifted to Monday to Thursday at 09:00 P:M to 09:30 P:M

Kaiyethum Dhoorath Maha Episode scheduled on Tuesday at 06:30 P:M – 07:30 P:M. Pranaya Varnangal stands cancelled on the same day. Chembaruthi Maha Episode scheduled on Sunday at 06:30 P:M to 08:00 P:M (1.5 Hour slot). On Saturday, Night movie pushed to 10:00 P:M.

Today Zee Keralam Program Schedule
സീ കേരളം ചാനല്‍ ഇന്നത്തെ പരിപാടികള്‍

Zee Keralam Latest Schedule

05:00 A:MMrs.Hitler
05:30 A:MKudumbasree Sharada
06:00 A:MAmma Makal
06:30 A:MViral Cuts
07:00 A:MAmbala Nadayiloode
07:30 A:MNakshatraphalam
08:00 A:MDance Kerala Dance Season 2
08:00 A:MMalayalam Movie
11:00 A:MMalayalam Movie
01:30 P:MPranayavarnangal
02:00 P:MMrs.Hitler
02:30 P:MKudumbasree Sharada
03:00 P:MKaiyethum Dhoorath
03:30 P:MNeeyum Njanum
04:00 P:MKarthikadeepam
04:30 P:MAmma Makal
05:00 P:MBhagya Lakshmi 
05:30 P:MMrs.Hitler
06:00 P:MNeeyum Njanum
06:30 P:MKaiyethum Dhoorath
07:00 P:MKarthikadeepam
07:30 P:MKudumbasree Sharada
08:00 P:MBhagya Lakshmi Serial in Zee Keralam Program Schedule
08:30 P:MMrs.Hitler
09:00 P:MPranayavarnangal
09:30 P:MNeeyum Njanum – Zee Keralam Program
10:00 P:MAmma Makal
10:30 P:MNagini
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