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We TV Schedule – Updated Fixed Point Chart With Program Name and Time


Malayalam youth channel program schedule – Kairali We TV Schedule

Kairali We TV Online
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Kairali We TV Online

Super hit Malayalam Films, Ganarchana, Swara Raagam , Penpattukal, Mallu Mix , Cchiriyo Chiri, Dew Drops , Vanakkam Chennai, Best Duet etc are in kairali we tv schedule. They are showing 2 malayalam films everyday, kairali holding telecast rights of evergreen films, dubbed movies etc. They have recently bagged the rights of Neelagiri, Sangham, Mrigaya, Vadakkunokkiyanthram, Lal Salaam, varavelppu, Varam etc.

Kairali Channels
Kairali Channels

Programs On We Channel

06:00 A.MGanarchana (Break Free)
06:30 A.MGolden Hits (Break Free)
07:00 A.MFeel The Beat
07:30 A.M
08:00 A.MBack to Back Music Time (Break Free)
08:30 A.MSwara Raagam
09:00 A.MTele Shopping
09:30 A.MPenpattukalStar Chat
10:00 A.MTele ShoppingHappy Hours
10:30 A.MMallu MixHappy HoursSlot (leaders are for ever)
11:00 A.MHappy Hours
11:30 A.MTele Shopping
12:00 P.MCchiriyo Chiri
12:30 P.MMattinee Movie
1:3:00 P.M
13:30 P.M
14:00 P.M
14:30 P.M
15:00 P.M
15:30 P.MBest Duets
16:00 P.M
16:30 P.MBack to Back/Tele Shopping
17:00 P.MVanakkam Chennaii
17:30 P.MFeel The Beat /Tele Shopping
18:00 P.MDew Drops
18:30 P.MHappy Hours
19:00 P.MMallu MixChiriyo Chiri
19:30 P.MChiriyo Chiri
20:00 P.MPrime Time Movie
20:30 P.M
21:00 P.MPrime Time Movie
21:30 P.M
22:00 P.M
22:30 P.M
2:3:00 P.MFeel The Beat
23:30 P.M
00:00 A.MHappy Hours
00:30 A.MChiriyo Chiri
01:30 A.MFeel The Beat
02:15 A.MBest Duet
02:50 A.MGolden Hits
03:20 A.MDew Drops
03:45 A.MVanakkam Chennai
04:10 A.MSwara Ragam
04:35 A.MMallu Mix
05:30 A.MFeel The Beat
We TV Schedule Of Programs
Kairali We Channel Programs


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