Fastest Family First Game Show On Asianet Started – Host Is Govind Padmasoorya

Fastest Family First Game Show On Asianet

Fastest Family First Game Show
Fastest Family First Game Show

A non-fiction game-show produced by Big Synergy, for Asianet, this is a unique format in which it’s not just about how much you know, but also about how much you know of …what your partner knows! . The fun game show is played in 3 teams of a parent-child combination, with only one team reaching the jackpot round!. A team member buzzes in for a question, for their partner to answer! The twist in the game is that they can’t see or hear each other, when playing the game! Divided by a ‘shield’ in the studio, the team members buzz in on questions presuming their partner knows the answer!.

4 exciting and nerve racking rounds of games make up the quiz, an interactive touch-screen technology, a live band and some spontaneous fun activities making the show come alive with interactivity and color!. The show is hosted by none other than the dynamic, young GP – Govind Padmasoorya- who adds his touch to the sizzling chemistry between the families! . The host works his magic with the various contestants who represent various districts of Kerala and also helps in easing the tension between the teams and acts as a mentor to the participants.

The show consists of four rounds; Round 1 – Top Ten, Round 2 – Match it right, Round 3 – Knock-out, Round 4 – Winner take all. The fourth round is a jackpot round and the child can take home Rs. One Lakh/- . Asianet is all set to telecast “ Fastest Family First” , from 16th Nov. 2015 at 8:00 9:00 p.m (IST), on Monday to Thursday..

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