Top Singer reality show helps flowers tv to steady at second position in barc malayalam ratings

barc kerala week 19 – Top Singer alone earned 209.20 points from original and repeat telecast

top singer yesterday episode youtube
most popular malayalam musical reality show 2019

flowers tv is the most popular second malayalam gec now, 403 is the total points of the channel. previous week it was 372, they are now steady at 2nd position after asianet. new tariff order by helped them a lot, it’s hardly affected pay channels. free to air channels getting more edge in trp charts, top singer show alone scored 200+ points for flowers. Prime time grp at 8.00 p.m slot is 173 points with Weekly average of 7.3, this show is airing 7-8 times daily on the channel. from Fiction they earned 87 , Non fiction 296 and 17 points from Movies. newly launched malayalam news channel twenty four also doing good, 24 points this week.

top singer last episode

It’s available online through official youtube channel and , all videos getting massive views. within short period this musical program become viral among kerala television viewers. top singer yesterday episode is one of the popular keyword, as mentioned above it can be watch online. M.G Sreekumar, M Jayachandran, Sithara Anuradha Sriram are in the judging panel of this 1 hour Musial program. top band is another attraction of the show, A team of amazingly talented group of artists form orchestra team of the show.

top singer last episode watching online
top singer last episode watching online

contestants of the show

KrishnadiyaKoushik S Vinod
SreehariThejus K
Seetha LekshmiNehal V Ranjith
Aditi NairPK Sooryanarayan
Ananya NairTheertha Sathyan
Sreebhuvan RShivani B Sanjeev
Rithu RajJennifer
Jaiden PhilipAlenia Sebastian
Vaishnavi PanickerVaishnavy KV
Adityan PDevika
Soorya MahadevanSneha Johnson
Avani P Hareesh


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