IPL Season 15 Live Coverage Channel- Indian Premier League 2022

Malayalam Channel and Application Showing Live IPL Season 15

Asianet Plus is expected to Show Selected Matches of 2022 Edition of Indian Premier League aka IPL Season 15. They Have successfully finished the latest Edition of ISL, Indian Super League. We can expect IPL Season 15 with Malayalam Commentary on Asianet Plus Channel.

Teams Playing – Group A – Mumbai Indians , Kolkata Knight Riders, Rajasthan Royals, Delhi Capitals , Lucknow Super Giants and Group B – Chennai Super Kings , Sunrisers Hyderabad , Royal Challengers Bangalore , Punjab Kings , Gujarat Titans

Official Broadcaster Of IPL Season 15 Is Star Sports Channels
Official Digital Streaming Partner is Disney+Hotstar Application

IPL 2022 Schedule
ഐപിഎല്‍ സീസണ്‍ 15

IPL Schedule 2022

1Chennai Super Kings Vs Kolkata Knight Riders26 March07:30 P:M
2Delhi Capitals Vs Mumbai Indians27 March03:30 P:M
3Punjab Kings Vs Royal Challengers Bangalore27 March07:30 P:M
4Gujarat Titans Vs
Lucknow Super Giants
28 March07:30 P:M
5Sunrisers Hyderabad

Vs Rajasthan Royals

29 March07:30 P:M
6Royal Challengers Bangalore Vs Kolkata Knight Riders30 March07:30 P:M
7Lucknow Super Giants Vs Chennai Super Kings31 March07:30 P:M
8Kolkata Knight Riders Vs Punjab Kings01 April07:30 P:M
9Mumbai Indians Vs Rajasthan Royals02 April03:30 P:M
10Gujarat Titans Vs Delhi Capitals02 April07:30 P:M
11Chennai Super Kings Vs Punjab Kings03 April07:30 P:M
12Sunrisers Hyderabad

Lucknow Super Giants

04 April07:30 P:M
13Rajasthan Royals Vs Royal Challengers Bangalore05 April07:30 P:M
14Kolkata Knight Riders Vs Mumbai Indians06 April07:30 P:M
15Lucknow Super Giants Vs Delhi Capitals07 April07:30 P:M
16Punjab Kings Vs Gujarat Titans08 April07:30 P:M
17Chennai Super Kings Vs Sunrisers Hyderabad09 April03:30 P:M
18Royal Challengers Bangalore Vs Mumbai Indians09 April07:30 P:M
19Kolkata Knight Riders Vs Delhi Capitals10 April03:30 P:M
20Rajasthan Royals Vs
Lucknow Super Giants
10 April07:30 P:M
21Sunrisers Hyderabad

Vs Gujarat Titans

11 April07:30 P:M
22Chennai Super Kings Vs Royal Challengers Bangalore12 April07:30 P:M
23Mumbai Indians Vs Punjab Kings13 April07:30 P:M
24Rajasthan Royals Vs Gujarat Titans14 April07:30 P:M
IPL 2022 Fixtures
ഐപിഎല്‍ സീസണ്‍ 15 ലൈവ്

IPL Season 15 Schedule

25Sunrisers Hyderabad

Vs Kolkata Knight Riders

15 April07:30 P:M
26Mumbai Indians Vs
Lucknow Super Giants
16 April03:30 P:M
27Delhi Capitals Vs Royal Challengers Bangalore16 April07:30 P:M
28Punjab Kings Vs Sunrisers Hyderabad17 April03:30 P:M
29Gujarat Titans Vs Chennai Super Kings17 April07:30 P:M
30Rajasthan Royals Vs Kolkata Knight Riders18 April07:30 P:M
31Lucknow Super Giants Vs Royal Challengers Bangalore19 April07:30 P:M
32Delhi Capitals Vs Punjab Kings20 April07:30 P:M
33Mumbai Indians Vs Chennai Super Kings21 April07:30 P:M
34Delhi Capitals Vs Rajasthan Royals22 April07:30 P:M
35Kolkata Knight Riders Vs Gujarat Titans23 April03:30 P:M
36Royal Challengers Bangalore Vs Sunrisers Hyderabad23 April07:30 P:M
37Lucknow Super Giants Vs Mumbai Indians24 April07:30 P:M
38Punjab Kings Vs Chennai Super Kings25 April07:30 P:M
39Royal Challengers Bangalore Vs Rajasthan Royals26 April07:30 P:M
40Gujarat Titans Vs Sunrisers Hyderabad27 April07:30 P:M
41Delhi Capitals Vs Kolkata Knight Riders28 April07:30 P:M
42Punjab Kings Vs
Lucknow Super Giants
29 April07:30 P:M
43Gujarat Titans Vs Royal Challengers Bangalore30 April03:30 P:M
44Rajasthan Royals Vs Mumbai Indians30 April07:30 P:M
45Delhi Capitals Vs
Lucknow Super Giants
01 May03:30 P:M
46Sunrisers Hyderabad

Vs Chennai Super Kings

01 May07:30 P:M
47Kolkata Knight Riders Vs Rajasthan Royals02 May07:30 P:M
48Gujarat Titans Vs Punjab Kings03 May07:30 P:M
Indian Premier League Live Telecast
ഐപിഎല്‍ ഇന്നത്തെ കളി
IPL 15 Fixture
55Chennai Super Kings Vs Delhi Capitals08 May03:30 P:M
56Mumbai Indians Vs Kolkata Knight Riders09 May07:30 P:M
57Lucknow Super Giants Vs Gujarat Titans10 May07:30 P:M
58Rajasthan Royals Vs Delhi Capitals11 May07:30 P:M
59Chennai Super Kings Vs Mumbai Indians12 May07:30 P:M
60Royal Challengers Bangalore Vs Punjab Kings13 May07:30 P:M
61Kolkata Knight Riders Vs Sunrisers Hyderabad14 May07:30 P:M
62Chennai Super Kings Vs Gujarat Titans15 May03:30 P:M
63Lucknow Super Giants Vs Rajasthan Royals15 May07:30 P:M
64Punjab Kings Vs Delhi Capitals16 May07:30 P:M
65Mumbai Indians Vs Sunrisers Hyderabad17 May07:30 P:M
66Kolkata Knight Riders Vs
Lucknow Super Giants
18 May07:30 P:M
67Royal Challengers Bangalore Vs Gujarat Titans19 May07:30 P:M
68Rajasthan Royals Vs Chennai Super Kings20 May07:30 P:M
69Mumbai Indians Vs Delhi Capitals21 May07:30 P:M
70Sunrisers Hyderabad

Vs Punjab Kings

22 May07:30 P:M
Asianet Plus Live
ഏഷ്യാനെറ്റ്‌ പ്ലസ് ലൈവ്

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