Fastest Family First On Asianet – Starting From 16th November 2015

Fastest Family First Malayalam Game Show on Asianet

Fastest Family First
Fastest Family First

Malayalam channel Asianet is Starting a New Show from This Monday onward.Fastest Family First Is Launching from 16th November 2015 at 8.00 P.M. Sell me the answer show completes its telecast on Asianet and this Show will fill that time slot. Every Monday to Thursday is the Telecast time of the show Fastest Family First. Who is Hosting the Game Show Fastest Family First on Asianet ?, GP Aka Govinda Padamasurya is the host for this show. Asainet is the most popular malayalam channel and they are leading in the rating charts. This game show will be the latest addition to Asainet shows and programs.

Asainet channel is telecasting lot of popular malayalam serials and shows. All the serials of Asianet is leading in the Top 5 Ratings Charts of Barc. Fastest Family First is Repeat Telecast can be watch at 4.30 P.M and 11.00 P.M. 4 The People, Kalyanasougandhikam, Pranayam, Karutha Muthu, Parasparam, Chandanamazha etc are the Other prime Time Programs of Asianet. we have recently posted about Asainet Comedy Awards 2015 Here. We will publish very soon about Asianet Christmas 2015 Films, Ujala Asianet Film Awards 2016 etc here. Don’t forgot to watch the Malayalam quiz Show Fastest Family First Only on Asianet.

Updated Asainet Prime time Program Schedule From 16th November 2015

TimeSerial/Show Name
06.00 P.M4 The People
06.30 P.MKalyanasougandhikam
07.00 P.MPranayam
07.30 P.MKarutha Muthu
08.00 P.MFastest Family First
09.00 P.MParasparam
09.30 P.MChandanamazha


  1. Lakshmi says

    I am 7 th standard student. I would like to participate the new programme fastest family first. what can I do?

    1. Pradeep Madavana says

      Would like to submit entry of M’s Elcy (mother) and Keziah (daughter) for Fastest Family First

  2. SSD says


    1. ANKUSH says


  3. lakshmi says

    SSD’s angering spelling is false.correct spelling is anchoring.

  4. anith says

    change the anger. he is very boring.

    1. haniii says

      wht is the problem in gp chettan…so sweet anchoring..

  5. Gopakumar says

    I would like to participate in fastest family first with my son Gokul. What can I do?

  6. A.SANJEEVA says

    In the todays episode(23.11.2015) of Fastest Family FistIn the answer for the question “the languages in the Indian currency” One of the answers given by the computer is “KONKANI” but in my knowledge there is no scipt for KONKANI language.Please conform it

  7. Ruben John says

    I am a 7th std student. How can I participate in the fastest family first

  8. anagha says

    i would like to participate in this prgm… this is tooo funny…

  9. Aadith Manoj says

    Iam a 7th standard student.Iwould like to participate family family contest with my mom.

    please give details

  10. alexander says

    i would like to participate this pgm but my message was not sent

  11. Akshay B Vinayak says

    I would like to participate in the program with my brother. I’m 19 years old. Pin code=695011

  12. Parvathi P says

    I am 11 years old.I would like to participate in fastest family first with my father.My message was not sent in mobile phone.Pin code is 670011.

  13. Parvathi P says

    I am 11 years old.I would like to participate in fastest family first with my father.Pin code is 670011.

  14. Neha says

    I am trying for last two days to send sms to fastest family first .but no response

  15. Amthul Thunsha says

    How can register the fastestffamily first game show

  16. Alfia Hussain says

    I would like to participate with my brother..iam Alfia Hussain .and my brother name is muhammed Nihal he is 11 yrs msg was not sent…my pin no is 686122

  17. bhavish says

    Iam waiting for your second call ,i have a selected call, form a show c i can’t any idea where i come on 6 dec 2015 for audition

  18. haniii says

    i would like to participate in this audition with my sister……..what i can i do for this ……i am 13 years old

  19. neelakantan says

    Error in answer it was POOLnot Billiards or Snooker as mentioned in the show

  20. Niveditha says

    I am Niveditha I would like to participate in this competition , it is to interesting

  21. Anila says

    I’m 16 years old. I would like to participate in FASTEST FAMILY FIRST with my brother (14). I send an SMS. But sending failed. please give details.

  22. lisha says

    I am lisha i would like to participate with my friend bhagya lakshmi

  23. Gireesh kumar says

    hi,my one and a half year old son likes Jikku very much.
    when ever he hears d music he will shout happily Jikku chitta.Can I visit Jikku with my son.

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