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Ezhu Rathrikal – Latest Malayalam Horror Serial On Asianet Channel


Asianet Launching a New Malayalam Horror Serial Ezhu Rathrikal From 6th July 2015

Asianet is launching a latest malayalam horror serial from next monday onwards. Ezhu Rathrikal is launching from 6th July 2015 at 10.30 P.M On Asianet. You can Watch The Serial 7 Rathrikal Every Monday to Saturday at 10.30 P.M On Asianet. Pranayam is another serial launching on Asianet on 6th July 2015. Two New Serials are launching on Asianet, Pranayam TV Serial and 7 Rathrikal. Earlier Asianet Showed Akkamma Stalin (at) Patrose Gandhi Serial on This Time.

7 Rathrikal Malayalam Serial
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Malayalam Horror Serial

Asianet Prime Time Serials and Programs From 6th July 2015

Serial/Show Name Time
Kailasa Nathan 06:00 P.M
4 The People 06:30 P.M
Pranayam 07:00 P.M
Karutha Muthu 07:30 P.M
Sell Me The Answer 08:00 P.M
Parasparam 09:00 P.M
Chandanamazha 09:30 P.M
Sthreedhanam 10:00 P.M
Ezhu Raathrikal 10:30 P.M
Ezhu Rathrikal
Asianet Latest Serial


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