Channel Ratings 2016 – Barc Malayalam Television Rating Data for Week 27

Channel Ratings 2016 – Barc Malayalam Data Week 27 (2nd July 2016 to 8th July 2016)

Channel Ratings 2016  Barc
Channel Ratings 2016 Barc

Channel Ratings 2016 For Malayalam Television Channels Shows and Serials , Barc Television Rating Data for Week 27 (2nd July 2016 to 8th July 2016). Last we have seen an increase in Asianet total points, that was due to the Asianet Television 2016 Awards. They scored more than 1000 total points in previous week, but this week it’s just 930. There is no changes for the 2nd and 3rd positions for malayalam channel ratings. Mazhavil manorama with 298 points steady at second positions. Previous week they have 276 points, this week they gained total points. Surya TV Gained around 30 points, this week they bagged 230. In Barc week 26 rating data surya tv scored 198 points.

Flowers TV at 4th positions in Channel Ratings 2016 for Malayalam television. Flowers TV bagged around 198 points this week, previous week it was just 175. Again Asianet Movies leads in Malayalam Movie Channels, They scored 183 Points this week. We have no other updates available this moment. Naaga kanyaka serial is helping surya tv to improve total grp. This week nagakanyaka serial scored 3.1 points. We can see that the rating for naagin malayalam is improving every week. Naagakanyaka serial now running 4th week, surya tv announced the launch of new serial ennu swantham jaani. Mazhavil manorama also started a new television serial this week named Athmasakhi.

Channel Ratings 2016

Parasparam – 18.18,
Chndhanamazha – 17.98
Karutha Muth – 16.47
Bharya – 12.32
Pranayam – 10.1
Kana kanmani – 4.67
Seetayan – 3.2

Majurukum kalam – 6.18
Ponnabili – 1.5
Malooty – 2.6
Sundhari – 2.5
Krishna Thulassi – 3

Munnumanni – 2.5,
Uppum mulakum – 3.5,
Pokkuveyil – 1.6,
Eran Nilavu – 1.6

Nagakaniyaka – 3.1
Hanuman – 2.4
Valsaliyam – 1.6

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  1. this week rating is high due to amme mahamaye in surya tv

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