C Space OTT App From Kerala State Government – Expecting On 1st November

OTT platform From Kerala State Government Titled as C Space

C Space OTT App Kerala
കേരള സര്‍ക്കാരിന്റെ ഒ.ടി.ടി പ്ലാറ്റ്ഫോം സി സ്പേസ്

The OTT (Over The Top) platform, set up by the Department of Culture under the state government, will be launched on November 1. The OTT platform will be known as “C Space” (സി സ്പേസ്) . Kerala is the first state in India to set up such a facility for cinema enjoyment under the government.

Cspace OTT

The films will reach OTT after the theatrical release. Therefore, the theater industry in the state will not lose any revenue due to this system and every producer will always get a share of the revenue on it. Short films, documentaries, etc. are also available for viewing. Priority will be given to films of artistic value, state, national and international award winning in OTT. C Space OTT The facility to register movies on the platform will be available on KSFDC from June 1, 2022. Will be at Head Office and Chithranjali Studio.

Saji Cherian
Saji Cherian

Source: Saji Cherian, Minister of Culture and Fisheries’s Facebook post‌ – https://www.facebook.com/sajicheriancpim

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