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Asianet plus schedule – list of programs , movie timings etc


Asianet plus schedule

More movies added into Asianet plus schedule, we can check the timing of malayalam films and other shows on the channel. Recently Asianet plus channel rebranded and launched many new programs, but it’s failed to impress trp ratings of the channel. Asianet later changed the content of plus, now malayalam films are showing mainly on Asianet plus. Nakshatraphalangal Kanippayyornoppam, Filmy Thamasha, Pattupetti, Cinema News, Geethanjali, Paribhavam Parvathi, Frame to Frame are in the schedule.

Asianet plus schedule latest
Asianet plus schedule latest

Morning time slot

06.00 A.M – Nakshatraphalangal Kanippayyornoppam
06.30 A.M – Spon.Prog: MY Kart99
07.00 A.M – Filmy Thamasha
07.30 A.M – Pattupetti
08.00 A.M – Cinema News
08.30 A.M – Filmy Thamasha
09.00 A.M – Pattupetti


Movie timings

Now 6 malayalam films airing on the channel, at 9.30 A.M showing morning films. Charithram, Kappalu Muthalali, Dr. Patient, Pulliman, Ee kannikoodi, Idanazhiyil oru kalaocha etc are scheduled this week. Sunday there is no movie at morning time slot on the channel. Life Style, Paribhavam Parvathi, Pattupetti, Autograph- The Motor Show, Chirkkum Thalika, Frame to Frame, Play Back, Cinemadiary, Pattupetti, Filmy Thamasha showing at morning slot.

09.30 A.M – Plus Morning Show:
01.00 P.M – Plus Classics
04:00 P.M – Tea Time Movie
07.00 P.M – Plus First Show
10.00 P.M – Plus Second Show
03.30 A.M – Malayalam Feature film

hotstar malayalam shows online
hotstar malayalam shows online

Asianet holding a film library with super hit films, classic’s, latest , dubbed films etc. Asianet movies is the very first malayalam movie channel and they are leading at trp ratings charts. Asianet plus schedule now acting as a movie channel. technically it’s the second malayalam movie channel by Asianet , sun network’s surya movies is another player. zee network’s malayalam channel is entering kerala market, it’s scheduled to launch on 26th november 2018. Asianet playing a clever move by converting plus as movie channel,
we have recently posted about the 25th year celebrations of Asianet. stay tuned here for more news and updates.


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