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Amrita TV Channel 2018 September Month Feature Film Schedule


Movie Schedule Of Amrita TV Channel For September 2018

Amrita tv channel showing both latest and classic films, they holding the telecast rights of many films. This month Amrita tv bringing a good collection for the kerala television viewers. Recent barc rating reports not in favor for Amrita , Just 40 + points in the scorecard for the channel. Inspector Garud, Namukku Parkkan, Sound of Boot, Sindhu, Arike, Munnamathoral, Chattambinaad etc scheduled for 2018 September.

Amrita television schedule of movies with telecast timing

DateMovie Title
1/9/2018Body Guard
2/9/2018Krishna Guruvayoorappa, Nokkatha Dhoorathu Kannumnattu
3/9/2018Inspector Garud
4/9/2018Namukku Parkkan
5/9/2018Sound of Boot
9/9/2018Chattambinaad, Bharya Swantham Suhruth
11/9/2018Malabar Wedding
12/9/2018Veendum Kannur
14/9/2018Ore Kadal
15/9/2018Mummy & Me
16/9/2018The Speed Track, English
18/9/2018Bharathan Effect
19/9/2018The Don
21/9/2018Kutty Shrank
22/9/2018Angry Babies in Love
23/9/2018Achan Urangatha Veedu, Bombay March 12
24/9/2018Bicycle Thieves
25/9/2018Bhoopadathil Illatha Oridam
26/9/2018Face to Face
27/9/2018Bhumidevi Pushpiniyayi
28/9/2018Kerala Café
30/9/2018Money Back Policy, Parunthu
Amrita TV Channel Film Schedule
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