SMS Codes for Mazhavil Ningalkkum Aakaam Kodeeshwaran Audition Questions

Use Manorama MAX App or SMS Codes for Audition Questions of Mazhavil Kodeeshwaran

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suresh hopi will continue as the host of malayalam kbc , audition question started on 23rd sepetember. you can win upto 1 crore from the show, launch date and telecast time will be update later. second/third popular kerala gec mazhavil now holding the telecast rights of kodeeshwaran show. recently they launched ott app named manorama max available on google, apple play store.

Format is NAK(space)A/B/C/D(space)Age(space)Gender(M/F)(space)pincode to 56767123

For Example Your Name is Bijeesh Gopal , Age is 31, Pincode is 123456, Answer for the Question is B

SMS code will be NAK(space)B(space)31(space)M(space)123456 send this NAK Answer to 56767123

Simple options is using manoramamax website or application, open and check nak page, login to the site and participate. you will get a page to answer the question after clicking enter button. then select answer and fill your personal information like Name, Age, Address, Pincode etc.

We are updating the daily questions of nak here, there will be 7 questions and we can expect more options by the channel to participate malayalam kodeeswaran show.

Ningalkkum Aakaam Kodeeshwaran SMS Code
Mazhavil Game Show

Disclaimer – website is not a part of this mazhavil manorama game show and commenting the answer here will not get a chance. we are discussing about the different options to participate the show using sms code and website.


  1. NISHA RAJ R says

    NAK B 35 F 691603

  2. Sreeja k says

    I wish to participate . I sent SMS. If possible can I come for audians. what is the procedure and how I can come

  3. Aravindakshan Pillai K says

    I have sent correct answer for the seven question for audition, one call also received from channel and asked two more questions. I have replied too, but not date for audition yet to be received. May I have to expect a date for my audition .

  4. Shebin says

    Yesterday (31-12-2019)I were sent the audience question answer. But I can’t send properly. It seens as failed. I’m an idea customer. Is there any problem in the other mobile networks except airtel customers

  5. Manoharan says

    Yesterday 1.1.2020 were send the answers of the audience questions.But the message not send properly .
    Pls advise me how to send the answers in a correct way

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