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Little Kitchen On Amrita TV – Good Food Show With Kids From 21st September 2014


Little Kitchen On Amrita TV

Little Kitchen
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Little Kitchen

In an internet age where today’s children are increasingly gravitating towards a sedentary lifestyle, by way of getting engrossed in social media ,digital games and Apps, Amrita TV has launched a Show which attempts to create an interest in preparing tasteful and wholesome food at home. The unique feature of the show is that it stars kids in the 5-11 age-group, who actually do hands-on cooking and act as Kid-Chefs.

Each episode features two teams with two children each, who will vie for honors, to be be evaluated by a professional chef. The show will be a blend of innocence, information and entertainment.

In the first segment of ‘’Little Kitchen’’, the participating teams prepare a dish, and explain the various ingredients—to prove that anyone can do it.

In the second segment, “Easy Cooking”, the professional chef demonstrates how to cook a dish in the shortest possible time; but at the same time use healthy ingredients to create tasty food.

In the third segment, “Healthy Kitchen”, well known dietitian Neeraja, explains the nutritional and healthy aspects of various foods and ingredients. She also displays her culinary skills for the benefit of participating kids.

In the last segment, ‘’Healthy Tips’’, the dietitian provides guidelines for a healthy , balanced diet for maintaining good health which covers, among other things, tips on calories, nutrition, starchy food, fruits, saturated fats, sugar– with particular reference to food consumed by children.

Thus the program, besides generating curiosity among children to learn about cooking and food, also serves as a one-stop destination for parents wanting to prepare good food at home.

‘’Little Kitchen’’ will be telecast every Sunday from 7-7.30 pm from September 21st on Amrita TV . The show is sponsored by Eastern Curry Powder.

For the record, Amrita TV, launched in 2005 as a Malayalam general entertainment-cum-news satellite channel with a global footprint, has won 61 State Awards in the past 9 years.


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