Gandhi Jayanthi Specials and Films List of Kairali TV for October 2018

Kairali TV Gandhi Jayanthi specials and October 2018 Movie Schedule

Gandhi Jayanthi Specials Films of kairali tv channel for Tuesday 2nd October 2018 Are Raja Pattai (Dubbed), Premam , Thuppakki (Dubbed) and Mersal (Dubbed). we have already mentioned here about the mid night films of the channel. They are scheduled latest films for next month, which includes films of mammootty, mohanlal, vijay etc. you can check the complete film list of the channel from here.

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Kairali Channel Schedule of Films

01 OctoberPk (Hindi Dubbed)12:00 NOON
02 OctoberRajaPattai (Dubbed)09.30 A:M
02 OctoberPremam12:00 NOON
02 OctoberThuppakki (Dubbed)04.00 P:M
02 OctoberMersal (Dubbed)07.30 P:M
03 OctoberSingham II (Dubbed)12:00 NOON
04 OctoberNanban (Dubbed)12:00 NOON
05 OctoberEnnu Nintte Moideen09.00 A:M
05 OctoberDora (Dubbed)12:00 NOON
05 OctoberDruvangal 16 (Dubbed)06.00PM
06 OctoberPuli (Dubbed)09.00 A:M
06 OctoberKanmadham12:00 NOON
06 OctoberKaavalan (Dubbed)05.00 P:M
07 OctoberBharathChandran IPS08.30 A:M
07 OctoberPokkiri (Dubbed)12:00 NOON
07 OctoberAll in All Azhuguraja (Dubbed)05.00 P:M
08 OctoberAegan (Dubbed)12:00 NOON
08 OctoberNadodikkattu04.00 P:M
09 OctoberBiriyani (Dubbed)12:00 NOON
09 OctoberPattanaPravesham04.00 P:M
10 OctoberAnnayum Rasoolum12:00 NOON
10 OctoberCheriya Lokavum Valiya Manusharaum – Gandhi Jayanthi Movies04.00 P:M
11 OctoberThuruppugulan12:00 NOON
11 OctoberGemini (Dubbed)04.00 P:M
12 OctoberChanduPottu09.00 A:M
12 OctoberImmanuel12:00 NOON
12 October7aum Arivu (Dubbed)05.00 P:M
13 OctoberIruvar (Dubbed)09.00 A:M
13 OctoberPassenger12:00 NOON
13 OctoberJilla (Dubbed)05.00 P:M
14 OctoberThalaiva (Dubbed)08.30 A:M
14 OctoberInspector General ‘IG’12:00 NOON
14 OctoberVel (Dubbed)05.00 P:M
15 OctoberPokkiriRaja12:00 NOON
16 OctoberSillunu Oru Kaadhal (Dubbed)12:00 NOON
17 OctoberVandan vendran (Dubbed)12:00 NOON
18 OctoberOru Vadakkan Selfi09.00 A:M
18 OctoberBoss Engira Bhaskar (Dubbed)12:00 NOON
18 OctoberC/o Saira Banu04.00 P:M
18 OctoberMersal (Dubbed)07.30 P:M
19 OctoberVanamagan (Dubbed)09.00 A:M
19 OctoberAarambham (Dubbed)12:00 NOON
19 OctoberTake Off04.00 P:M
19 OctoberKaashmora (Dubbed)07.00PM
20 OctoberPuli (Dubbed)09.00 A:M
20 OctoberOru Mexican Aparatha12:00 NOON
20 OctoberVedhalam (Dubbed)04.00 P:M
21 OctoberSiruthai (Dubbed) – Gandhi Jayanthi Movies08.30 A:M
21 OctoberAlex Pandian (Dubbed)12:00 NOON
21 OctoberMadhurey (Dubbed)04.00 P:M
22 OctoberPathemaari12:00 NOON
23 OctoberSaguni (Dubbed)12:00 NOON
24 OctoberKakkakuyil12:00 NOON
25 OctoberPulliman12:00 NOON
26 OctoberSivaKashi (Dubbed)09.00 A:M
26 OctoberDora (Dubbed)12:00 NOON
26 OctoberVarnappakittu04.00 P:M
27 OctoberLoham09.00 A:M
27 OctoberPattom Pole12:00 NOON
27 OctoberThirunaal (Dubbed) – Gandhi Jayanthi Movies04.00 P:M
28 OctoberMattraan (Dubbed)08.30 A:M
28 OctoberVeeram (Dubbed)12:00 NOON
28 OctoberHoney Bee04.00 P:M
29 OctoberDeepavali (Dubbed)12:00 NOON
30 OctoberTake Off12:00 NOON
31 OctoberBILLA 2 (Dubbed)12:00 NOON
Gandhi Jayanthi Specials On Kairali TV
Gandhi Jayanthi Specials On Kairali TV

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