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Fifa world cup 2018 matches live telecast on channels with indian timing


Fifa world cup 2018

Fifa world cup 2018 matches live telecast on channels with indian timing, sony espn sd and hd, sony ten 2 sd and hd, sony ten 3 sd and hd.

DateTime (IST)
1Russia Vs Saudi Arabia14 June 201808:30 P.M
2Egypt Vs Uruguay15 June 201805:30 P.M
3Morocco Vs Iran15 June 201808:30 P.M
4Portugal Vs Spain15 June 201811:30 P.M
5France Vs Australia16 June 201803:30 P.M
6Argentina Vs Iceland16 June 201806:30 P.M
7Peru Vs Denmark16 June 201809:30 P.M
8Croatia Vs Nigeria17 June 201812:30 A.M
9Costa Rica Vs Serbia17 June 201805:30 P.M
10Germany Vs Mexico17 June 201808:30 P.M
11Brazil Vs Switzerland17 June 201811:30 P.M
12Sweden Vs Korea Republic18 June 201805:30 P.M
13Belgium Vs Panama18 June 201808:30 P.M
14Tunisia Vs England18 June 201811:30 P.M
15Colombia Vs Japan19 June 201805:30 P.M
16Poland Vs Senegal19 June 201808:30 P.M
17Russia Vs Egypt19 June 201811:30 P.M
18Portugal Vs Morocco20 June 201805:30 P.M
19Uruguay Vs Saudi Arabia20 June 201808:30 P.M
20Iran Vs Spain20 June 201811:30 P.M
21Denmark Vs Australia21 June 201805:30 P.M
22France Vs Peru21 June 201808:30 P.M
23Argentina Vs Croatia21 June 201811:30 P.M
24Brazil Vs Costa Rica22 June 201805:30 P.M
25Nigeria Vs Iceland22 June 201808:30 P.M
26Serbia Vs Switzerland22 June 201811:30 P.M
27Belgium Vs Tunisia23 June 201805:30 P.M
28Korea Republic Vs Mexico23 June 201808:30 P.M
29Germany Vs Sweden23 June 201811:30 P.M
30England Vs Panama24 June 201805:30 P.M
31Japan Vs Senegal24 June 201808:30 P.M
32Poland Vs Colombia24 June 201811:30 P.M
33Uruguay Vs Russia25 June 201807:30 P.M
34Saudi Arabia Vs Egypt25 June 201807:30 P.M
35Iran Vs Portugal25 June 201811:30 P.M
36Spain Vs Morocco25 June 201811:30 P.M
37Denmark Vs France26 June 201807:30 P.M
38Australia Vs Peru26 June 201807:30 P.M
39Nigeria Vs  Argentina26 June 201811:30 P.M
40Iceland Vs Croatia26 June 201811:30 P.M
41Mexico Vs Korea Republic27 June 201805:30 P.M
42South Republic Vs Germany27 June 201807:30 P.M
43Serbia Vs Brazil27 June 201811:30 P.M
44Switzerland Vs Costa Rica27 June 201811:30 P.M
45Japan Vs Poland28 June 201807:30 P.M
46Senegal Vs Colombia28 June 201807:30 P.M
47Panama Vs Tunisia28 June 201810:30 P.M
48England Vs Belgium28 June 201811:30 P.M
Round of 16 Matches Schedule 2018 Fifa World Cup
491C Vs 2D30 June 201807:30 P.M
501A Vs 2B30 June 201811:30 P.M
511B Vs 2A01 July 201807:30 P.M
521D Vs 2C01 July 201811:30 P.M
531E Vs 2F02 July 201807:30 P.M
541G Vs 2H02 July 201811:30 P.M
551F Vs 2E03 July 201807:30 P.M
561H Vs 2G03 July 201811:30 P.M
Quarter finals Schedule
57W49 Vs W5006 July 201807:30 P.M
58W53 Vs W5406 July 201811:30 P.M
59W55 Vs W5607 July 201807:30 P.M
60W51 Vs W5207 July 201811:30 P.M
Fifa 2018 World cup Semi finals
61W57 Vs W5810 July 201811:30 P.M
62W59 Vs W6011 July 201811:30 P.M
Third Place Match
63L61 Vs L6214 July 201807:30 P.M
Final Match Of 2018 Fifa
64W61 Vs W6215 July 201808:30 P.M
Fifa world cup 2018 matches with indian timing
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Fifa world cup 2018 matches with indian timing


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