Asianet Middle East Schedule – Programs with IST, UAE, KSA Timing


List of Television Programs for Gulf Malayalees – Asianet Middle East Schedule

Asianet Middle East Schedule
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Middle east channel can be receive for free using a C Band Dish and MPEG4 Set top box system. Using Satellite Intelsat 17 at 66.0° East Under Transponder Frequency 4024, Horizontal – Polarization, Symbol Rate – 14400 ,FEC 2/3, MPEG-4 DVB-S2 Mode. It’s the one of the Earliest Attempts for Dedicated Channel to Gulf Viewers.

Koodevide Serial
Koodevide Serial

Asianet Middle East Programs

Time Program
07.30 A.M 06.00 A.M Kudumbavilakku
08.00 A.M 06.30 A.M Mounaragam
08.15 A.M 06.45 A.M Koodevide
08:30 A.M 07:00 A.M -Santhwanam
09:00 A.M 07:30 A.M Pournamithinkal
09:30 A.M 08:00 A.M Seethakalyaman
10:00 A.M 08:30 A.M Kasthooriman
10:30 A.M 09:00 A.M Morning Movie
13:00 P.M 11:30 A.M Amma Ariyathe
13:30 P.M 12:00 P.M Padatha Painkili
14:00 P.M 12:30 P.M Bigg Boss S3
15:30 P.M 14:00 P.M Movie @14:00hrs
18:00 P.M 16:30 P.M Kannante Radha : Punasamaagamam
18:30 P.M 17:00 P.M STAR SINGER SEASON 8: Short Version
19:00 P.M 17:30 P.M Pournamithinkal
19:30 P.M 18:00 P.M BB CAFÉ
20:00 P.M 18:30 P.M Kasthooriman
20:30 P.M 19:00 P.M -Santhwanam
21:00 P.M 19:30 P.M Amma Ariyathe
21:30 P.M 20:00 P.M Kudumbavilakku
22:00 P.M 20:30 P.M Padatha Painkili
22:30 P.M 21:00 P.M Mounaragam
22:45 P.M 21:15 P.M Koodevide in Asianet Middle East Shedule
23:00 P.M 21:30 P.M Seethakalyaman
23.30 P.M 22:00 P.M Bigg Boss S3
01:00 A.M 23:30 P.M BIGG BOSS Plus
01:30 A.M 00:00 A.M Chirikkum Thalika
04:00 A.M 02:30 A.M BIGG BOSS Plus
04:30 A.M 03:00 A.M BB CAFÉ
05:00 A.M 03:30 A.M Midnight Movie
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  1. Sangeetha Sudheer says

    Asianet Middle East


    I am a regular audient of Middle East. Lately there were lot of new movies telecasted in Middle East. I whole heartedly request your entire team to telecast ‘Theri’ movie too. This is my humble request.
    I am hoping for a favourable request by telecasting ‘Theri’ soon.

    Thanking you
    Yours Faithfully
    Sangeetha Sudheer

    1. Anish KS says

      Theri movie is with Sun Network.

  2. Anil says

    This site has not been.updsted for a long while.

  3. Anish KS says

    Check now

  4. Anil says

    The date is not always current and I don’t see how it can be useful. Someone needs to update this with the latest.

  5. Anil Asokam says

    I wonder how one can check on the tinevtabke for shows telecast on asianet telecast from Middle East if the info is not automatically updated!! Van you tell me another site I can view, without paying, to view the programs for programs telecast from Mjddle East?
    Thank you.

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