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Bigg Boss Season 4 Evictions – Aparna Mulberry Evicted

Aparna Mulberry
Aparna Mulberry

Blesslee Muhammad, Dhanya Mary Varghese , Dilsha Prasannan, Lakshmi Priya , Robin Radhakrishnan and Vinay Madhavwere declared safe from Week 8 Eviction in Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 4. Aparna Mulberry evicted from the Show, Online Voting Deciding Crucial In Bigg Boss Eliminations. Disney+Hotstar Application can be Used for Doing Online Voting. Show is Currently running it’s 9th Week and Blesslee Muhammad became the House Captain. Saturday, 21st May Bigg Boss Celebrated Host Mohanlal Birthday. 8.12 is the Rating of Bigg Boss Show Latest, Bigg Boss Plus Scored 4.53 Points.

Bigg Boss Live Streaming
ബിഗ്‌ ബോസ് സീസണ്‍ 4 ലൈവ് സ്ട്രീമിംഗ്

Bigg Boss TRP

Bigg Boss Season 4TVRDayDateTime
1.24Saturday07 May12:00 P:M
8.53Saturday07 May09:00 P:M
1.23Sunday08 May12:00 P:M
8.23Sunday08 May09:00 P:M
1.22Monday09 May12:00 P:M
7.58Monday09 May09:30 P:M
1.17Tuesday10 May11:30 A:M
7.30Tuesday10 May09:30 P:M
1.43Wednesday11 May11:30 A:M
8.66Wednesday11 May09:30 P:M
1.54Thursday12 May11:30 A:M
8.23Thursday12 May09:30 P:M
1.21Friday13 May11:30 A:M
8.28Friday13 May09:30 P:M
Bigg Boss Plus1.98Saturday07 May01:00 P:M
4.61Monday09 May10:30 P:M
1.92Tuesday10 May12:30 P:M
4.01Tuesday10 May10:30 P:M
1.62Wednesday11 May12:30 P:M
4.84Wednesday11 May10:30 P:M
1.60Thursday12 May12:30 P:M
4.26Thursday12 May10:30 P:M
1.60Friday13 May12:30 P:M
4.94Friday13 May10:30 P:M
Bigg Boss Evictions
Bigg Boss Evictions

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