Samadooram – Talk Show On Mazhavil Manorama

Samadooram – Talk Show On Mazhavil Manorama



Watch the Talk Show Samadooram By R Sreekandan Nair Every Staurday at 9.30 P.M On Your Mazhavil Manorama.

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  1. UDHAY says:

    Very eager to see the show, pls add mazhavil manorama in airtel digital tv.. :/

  2. Vijayan says:

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    Broken Families -Destitue Women

    Dear Sir

    I am  writing to you with a heavy heart immediately after watching another episode of SamaDooram show casing the pitiable and pathetic lives of destitute women in our society.

    I also noticed the angry excited responses of some of the lady participants in the show. Who is the villain in the unfortunate state of these women. Most of us are unanimous in identifying the problem and  its solutions-Alcohol

    Is Alcohol the only culprit?  most of us are quick in reaching this conclusion. My strong belief is that lack of mental health or specifically mental disorders of one of the partners is the major contributor, Alcohol is only a medium of action.

    Most of us pays lot of attention to our physical health. Mind which plays a major role in everything we do including physical  diseases are generally ignored.
    This life and the world we live in is a beautiful gift we got, how many millions of lives , which otherwise should have been beautiful , are made hell due to unhealthy minds?

    Is it not time we spare some thought in this direction also?


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