Super Dupe Season 2 Starting on November 1st at 7 P.M Amrita TV

Super Dupe Season 2

Super Dupe Season 2

Super Dupe Intensifies Its Laughter Therapy In Season 2

Amrita TV’s  Super Dupe that had carved its own cubby hole in the comedy reality show genre and kept Keralites in good humour and health for many weeks, has delivered its last guffaw.

The primetime programme which proved to be the perfect antidote to stress and anxiety continues its laughter therapy by passing on its mantle to the next in the series,

Super Dupe-2, to be launched on November 1st at 7 pm and continued Monday to Friday in  the same slot.

The second in the droll series, Super Dupe-2 does not merely carry on the ‘chuckling’ sessions, it raises the amusement  bar from grins and giggles to shrieks of merriment and convulsions of hilarity.

To  move up the laughter gradient , Super Dupe-2 has introduced many intelligent innovations into its composition and presentation.

If Super Dupe was a clash of individual competitors in which each contestant flew solo and took on the rest of the field, its successor is a team  event where the best professional mimicry teams of Kerala pool their collective senses of humour to out‘wit’  the other groups. Each team comprises  5 members, one a champion exponent of mimicry and the other 4 specializing in areas of comedy other than imitation.

Super Dupe leant heavily on the art of impersonation of personalities from film and politics; but  Super Dupe-2 amplifies its hilarious content by resorting more to pure comedy skits that are spiced up with dupe acts. In these plays that satirize, parody or caricature contemporary social and political events, the miming element will be inherent in the script, so that it will  seem to spring naturally from the situation and the impersonated character will be a part of the cast.

Super Dupe -2 will not resort to pre-recorded sound tracks in which the actors merely indulge in lip-syncing , but will be dynamic live action skits where the characters have to deliver the lines on the spot with perfect co-ordination. This not only makes the skits more convincing but also presents challenges in memory and timing.

The programme which presents new rounds in the form of outdoor rounds, action sequences, cartoon levels etc will be evaluated by the judges trio of Manju Pillai, Kottayam Naseer and Abbi.

Just as Super Dupe  provided a lining of laughter to otherwise dull days and proved that laughter is the best medicine, Super Dupe-2 is also set to give its viewers evenings that will resound with the deafening peals of clean comedy.

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