Super Jodi 2010 on Surya TV Starting 8th July 2010

Super Jodi 2010 on Surya Tv Starting July 8 Tuesday and Friday at 8.00 P.M

Super Jodi

Super Jodi

Surya Tv Starting a New Dance reality show named ” Super Jodi 2010 ” This week, July 8 Tuesday and Friday at 8.00 P.M.The Show Sponsored by Joy Alukkas. Surya Tv is also starting a New reality show named ” Sangeetha Mahayudham ” Today at 8.00 P.M.

Judges are Rehman and Shobhana, Rehman first time on mini screen as a judge.

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  1. sanil says:

    Regarding super jodi 2010, really iam not understanding why this type of unnecessary expressions giving and talking anchors are appointing to degrade the show. pls watch hindi dancing shows where anchors are one of the strength of shows. Anchors should win the audience heart by matured, entertaining talking and good attitude. I dont think if a beautiful lady with modern dress, speaking lot english can be sucess for the show. Actually I really want a high class show in malayalam which will be proud to all keralian. Nice to see shobhana & Rahman on show and hope they will upgrade the show with real talants.
    I saw the first show, We got talented guys but pls see dance india dance, Boogi Boogi and nach ke dekha in which childrens are showing amazing and entertaining dances and hoping better than that we will see in this show in next episode.

  2. rem_aru says:

    First of all, get rid of that screaming and shouting anchor; who has not clue or sense what she is talking about.
    Rahman and Shaobhana needs to change their attitude and try and become pleasant.
    In totality, very sub standard show with unworthy anchor and Judges and dismal performances by the contestants.

  3. Ally R says:

    I love the show, finally we got a modern show on Malayalam channel! this is definitely gonna be a hit among the youngsters and modern community, but not sure how the older generations are going to react or the narrow minded people. the only thing wrong with the show is the ANNOYING ANCHOR!!!! please get rid of her!!!! she keeps yelling at the top of her lungs and what is up with her legs and hands always moving in different directions ? I saw her start the show today and I was like wow!!! she is pretty but all over the place. other than her, I love the show!

  4. kukku says:

    Everything good about the show except the anchor…pls get rid of her.

  5. Anjana says:

    That anchor is unbearable.Kindly throw her out. The moment i see her, i look away.

  6. Sana says:

    Super jodi 2010 is a breath of fresh air in the dancing genre for the malayali audience. The reputed judging panel being the highlight of the show, the dancers are also attempting to introduce new styles into kerala and Ally R, i totally agree with you on Super jodi bringing in modernity in Kerala. Talking about the anchor, I think she is a doing a fabulous job. Its a dance reality show and she needs the energy. I do agree, sometimes her screeches can be annoying but i have been following super jodi whenever possible and i understood her young and bubbly side. She is beautiful, no doubt. I think we need to accept her and go beyond the gestures and listen to her witty side.
    Overall, the show is a success, initiating a change.

  7. SWEETY says:

    I feel extremely proud that finally my Malayalam channel has started with an amazing dance reality show. Both the judges are doing a fantastic job. Who better than SHOBANA MA’AM can know about dance. I feel we are nothing to comment on judge’s opinion. The anchoe of course need to mellow down, i mean its understood that she is young, bubbly and talented (all can be seen on the screen). Overall, a perfect DANCETASTIC AND FANTASTIC show. Lots to say but just in one word, Awesome………..

  8. SWEETY says:

    Waiting eagerly to know, when will be the audition for the second season. Thank you…… Keep Rocking……….

  9. Sandy says:

    Why these dances are so modern? Is it modern culture? kissing and doing everything whatever he/she can do?in front of audience?? these kind of too offensive shows should be banned..I think Kerala Govt should take action againt the shows.. in Tamil /Telugu its fine.but in malayalam I dont think its good…Dances are like kathel konden film dances

  10. VEENA S ANAND says:

    I love dance shows…so i was happy & eager to c super jodi….But i’ve lost intrst in the show b’z of that SCREAMING ANCHOR..It was a gud opprtunity for her to get into the hearts of many…but i thnk she is not up to the level BUT OVER….& all the dancers r talented…I feel that Rahman sir is more genuine than Shobhana ma’m….Overall it’s gud except the’s better to change her….ALL THE VERY BEST TO THE DANCERS…

  11. Preethi says:

    even me too hat dat anchor,feels she doesnt knw wat to tell,so she goes on tellin sum nonsense n dat too it feels like she is tellin d same thin over n over again…abt judges,feels like shobhana is showing partiality to few contestants….me like d dancers,esp rameez n meenu,nice choreography….

  12. arun says:

    ANCHOR!!!!!!!!!! bullshit at its heights….
    throw that yelling animal out of the show…at times it seems like she needs an oxygen cylinder and she is running out of gas….
    and over all thsi the great drama act as if she is the one who is eliminated in the elimination round…..bugus!!!!!!!!!!
    i think a 12 year old child will perform this show with bit desency….

  13. sree says:

    Regarding the anchor.. she is superb girl, very beautiful & bold girl, she is performing very well in the stage. we should accept her talent… I saw some negative commands about the anchor, i feel its only because of the EGO problem..

  14. athira says:

    we really enjoying superjodi. i think the anchor is doing just fine.
    i like her energy and positive attitude. and she is beautiful.
    good luck to all the contestants.

  15. Vidya Vivek says:

    The show was fantastic, The judges had done wonderful job, comparitievely Super Jodi far better than any other dance programmes so far aired thru many channels. All the contestants also very talented, Rehman & Shobhana mam are the main atraction they are very fabulous. Expecting Part-II of the Super Jodi soon, Best of luck your future endeavors of Surya TV. Thanks Surya TV for selecting Rehman & Shobhana as juges.

    Best Regards,

    Vidya Vivek, Vikas, Sruthy & Shyma

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