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Paarijatham Mon-Fri 19:30-20:00 hrs in AsianetGangadhar is a business magnate, whose wife Supriya walks out on him after a quarrel.

Pretending to help him out, his office manager, Unnithan, brings in a young lady, Lalitha Bai, ostensibly to take care of his son, Jayapal.

However, unknown to Gangadhar, both Unnithan and Laitha conspire against him to usurp his business and property. To this end, they arrange for a nurse, Nalini, who would keep Gangadhar on drugs, constantly, with the aim of making him mentally unstable.

Lalitha soon manages to get the power of attorney from the courts to manage the business, while Gangadhar is kept locked in an outhouse. Nalini pays him regular visits and a watch man is also appointed to keep a tab on Gangadhar.

Year pass and Jayapal grows up.

Jayapal falls in love with a girl who is working in his office. The girl gets pregnant. Ashamed she commits suicide, leaving behind a note which states that Jayapal is responsible for her pregnancy.

Police question Jayapal who, in vain, tries to prove his innocence and says that he has been wrongly accused.

The story now takes a new twist with the entry of Ayyappan, a taxi driver and his two twin daughters, Aruna and Seema, and a son named Balu, a college student.

Aruna works at a telephone booth in the town, while Seema, who is unemployed, stays at home. Accidentally, Jayapal runs into Seema in the town and falls in love with her. He gives her a job at his office to be close to her, with the knowledge of Lalitha. Seema, who is engaged to Soman, a taxi driver, doesn’t resist Jayapal’s advances.

Seema becomes pregnant and Jayapal expresses his desire to marry her. However, Lalitha opposes the marriage owing to Seema’s social background and threatens to disown Jayapal, if he went ahead with the marriage.

Seema attempts to keep her pregnancy secret, but is discovered. The blame is laid squarely on Soman. In despair, Seema attempts suicide, but Aruna rescues her. Despite all attempts to persuade her, Seema refuses to abort the child.

Finally, Ayyappan Nair sends his daughter to her aunt’s house in Wayanad. The aunt has no children of her own. The story takes a new turn as Jayapal sets out to find Seema.

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