Movie Bazaar Saturday at 07. 30 PM IST on Amrita TV

Movie Bazaar Saturday at 07.30 PM IST on Amrita TV
Movie Bazaar Saturday at 07. 30 PM IST on Amrita TV

Movie Bazaar , which is  a weekly overview of the film world, leads us to the South Indian motion picture mart to offer short sketches of the filmy wares on display – just released flicks that are doing brisk business in theatres, films that are yet to be canned; those that are still on the scripting tale. It  moves around the celluloid scene to give us a wide angle view of what is happening in the movie front – of films that have just been released, those that  are under production & those that are still in the pre-production stage.

It consists of  a number of sections –

New Cinema : is a quick synopsis of the latest  releases to hit the silver screen or are on the verge of breaking into the market –giving an outline of the story, interviews with the main actors  & bolstered with clippings from the film.

Coming Attractions : gives an idea of what is in store for film fans in the weeks to come. It covers movies that are on the anvil, which have been announced by big banners & whose pooja  or inauguration has been just completed.

Location  Report : goes to the very locales where the film is  being made, to the scene of action and ‘shoots’ the shooting of the film. With sound bytes from the actors and principle technicians behind the scene, it gives the viewers an on the spot feel of the effort behind the making of a film.

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