Kochu TV Programs schedule – Dorayude Prayanam and Other Shows Telecast time

Kochu TV Programs schedule and Telecast Timings

April and May is the peak time for kochu tv, during the summer vacation kochu tv programs schedule is so important to kids. Favorite cartoon show dorayude prayanam is back , we have update the same here that malayalam version of dora explorer will resume on kochu tv. Happy Kid, The Garfield Show, Happy Birthday are showing in the morning slot. Kochu Happy Birthday is one of the popular show and it’s showing morning 08:00 A.M, Evening 4.00 P.M etc. Dorayude Prayanam Showing at 8.05 A.M , 12.00 Noon, Evening 7.05 P.M etc.


07:05 A.M Happy Kid
07:30 A.M The Garfield Show
08:00 A.M Happy Birthday
08:05 A.M Dorayude Prayanam
09:00 A.M Aniyan Bava Chettan Bava- Kattukallanodoppam
09:30 A.M Yoko
10:00 A.M Billy And Buddy
10:30 A.M Care Bear & Cousins
11:00 A.M Endangered Species
11:30 A.M Crafty Kids
12:00 P.M Dorayude Prayanam
13:00 P.M Karadi kadhagal
13:30 P.M George of the Jungle
14:00 P.M Jamyude Jango Vaal
14:30 P.M Aniyan Bava Chettan Bava- Kattukallanodoppam
15:00 P.M Endangered species
15:30 P.M Winx Club
16:00 P.M Happy Birthday
16:10 P.M Happy Kid
16:30 P.M Billy And Buddy
17:00 P.M Balaveer
17:30 P.M Talking Tom and Friends
18:00 P.M The Garfield Show
18:30 P.M Endangered species
19:00 P.M Kochu Varthakal
19:05 P.M Dorayude Prayanam
20:00 P.M Talking Tom and Friends
20:30 P.M Jackie Chan
21:00 P.M Balaveer
21:30 P.M Power Heros
22:00 P.M Aniyan Bava Chettan Bava in Snow Daze
23:00 P.M Ohm Greehm Chatan

These malayalam shows can be watch through kochu tv, enjoy this summer vacation with dora, talking tom etc and other malayalam kids shows through kochu tv.

Kochu TV Programs schedule
Kochu TV Programs schedule

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