Amrita TV’s Q-Factor To Check Out Children’s Brain Power

Amrita TV's Q-Factor To Check Out  Children's Brain Power

Amrita TV’s Q-Factor To Check Out Children’s Brain Power

Q-factor is an avant-garde, fun filled, team oriented Quiz show  designed to appeal to teens in the 12 -16 age group, from high school to the 12th grade. To be launched on December 26th and telecast every  Saturday  and Sundays at 10.00 am, this half-an-hour , Generation-Y programme  is a cerebral exercise that takes the full measure of a child’s brain power .

While conventional Quiz shows merely scratch the surface of the contestant’s intelligence through IQ & GK questions, Q- factor hosted by the irrepressible Rekha Menon, attempts to assess the quantum of individual features of intelligence- aptitude, awareness, reasoning, analytical skills, observation, logical abilities, spontaneity, common sense etc.

Each round in the various stages is ingeniously designed to probe the competitor’s mental skills : Master Piece in which the aspirants turn the tables and grill their Quiz masters ; Hour Glass where they are given 60 seconds to discover the identity of a person the Quiz master describes; Picture Perfect where they try to make out a  famous personality from his masked photos flashed on screen; Travelers Cheques that transport them round the world to test their geographical awareness etc.

Q-factor is also a test  of team skills, for the participants are never left to tackle their opposition in a one-to-one head on contest; they pool resources to challenge the competition, combining brains and skills  to defeat their rivals.

Q-factor is thus an exhilarating  game of Question & Answers on everything under the sun;  a mind sport which questions the perception , exercises  the imagination, judges the reasoning, teases the memory to  become an evaluating  mechanism  that tests every aspect of  the contestant’s intelligence.

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