Amrita TV’s May Day Programmes

Amrita TV's  May Day Programmes

Amrita TV's May Day Programmes

Amrita TV’s  May Day Programmes

May Day or Labour Day is an  international celebration  that commemorates the hard won achievement of the fundamental rights and privileges of the proletarian the world over. On this day, laborers in every organization in every country lay down their implements and take to the streets to participate in organized marches and demonstrations, in a massive show of strength and solidarity.

Chicagoyile Chuvanna Pushpangal  to be telecast  at  7.30 am is a fascinating study that documents the shifting equations in the employer-employee relationship, beginning from the time it existed a century ago as a capitalist vs worker association and the transformation brought about by the impact of globalization which blurred the traditional demarcation between the petty bourgeoisie and the proletarian.

It touches upon the notorious Haymarket affair of 1886 in which 4 strikers who took part in a rally in Chicago were implicated under false charges and sentenced to death for a bomb attack that killed several policemen, an incident  in which they had no hand. The event sparked outrage across the world and  paved the way for  the recognition of May Day  as a ‘worker’s holiday’. Through vivid visual snippets that give a glimpse into the simple lives of the blue collar workers, conversations with laborers and analytical interviews with  distinguished guests K.Venu ,Trade Union Leader ; M.M. Lawrence, CITU State President; R.Chandrasekhar INTUC State President; V.B.Cherian, Swathantra Trade Union leader; K.Vijayakumar, General Sec, BMS, the programme focuses on  pertinent issues of current relevance such as the crucial role played by Trade Unions in procuring Worker’s Rights , the future of the working class, how globalization that shrunk the world to a small village has re-defined the labour sector, etc.

Vijaya Geethika at 2.00pm features a rousing collection of inspiring songs from Communist-themed films of the past and present. Filled with revolutionary fervour, the songs which fire the spirit and set the blood boiling,  passionately exhorts the working class to awake, arise and fight for their rights.

Feature film  Utharam starring Mammooty, Sukumaran, Parvathy and Suparna which garnered critical appreciation and popular appeal in equal measure will be screened

at 3.30 pm. Loosely based on  a Daphne du Maurier  short story, the masterly script from the pen of M.T. Vasudevan Nair is in the format of a journalistic investigation into a tragic suicide that uncovers a tale of amnesia and the catastrophe that follows, once the lost memories come flooding back.

News Snippets telecast at the end of every news bulletin will place on the centre stage,  Unknown Heroes who played a significant role in the May Day Movement but thereafter chose to stay away from the limelight.

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