Vishu Specials From Amrita TV – Amrita TV’s Vishu Programme on 14th April 2009

Vishu Specials From Amrita TV

Vishu Specials From Amrita TV

The special edition of Udayamritham at 7.00am examines the origins of Vishu, its rituals and rites followed by a re-enactment of the actual practices of Vishu exactly as it was done in the olden days in a traditional tharavattu. Vishu Hits at 8.30 am is a compilation of Vishu-related songs from the latest Malayalam movies now running in the theatres with additonal clippings from the film, compered by the upcoming serial actress Sowparnika. The prestigious Mathrubhoomi Amrita Film Awards will be telecast at 9.00am.

Vishu Releases at 1.30 pm is a quick review of all the Vishu releases that includes an overview of the plot, interviews with the Director, actors, cinematographer or music director of the film interspersed with clippings from the movie. Taste of Kerala at 2 pm brings the flavours of a Pallakkadan Vishu, camping overnight to make sure they can view the Vishukkani, the fireworks, later savouring the Vishu Special –Vishu Kanji and the rare delicacy, Chakka Erisseri .

In mid and Northern Kerala which have been home to a rich agricultural culture,Vishu heralds the beginning of the planting season and invoves rituals that are related to getting Mother Earth ready for cultivation. Sandhyadeepam at 6.30pm re-enacts those ancient traditions which have all but vanished . Malayalathinte Charlie Chaplin at 7pm saunters with Jagathy through his yesterdays, as he recalls episodes from his past, the woman he loved and lost, the harsh realities and incidents drenched in tears, from the life of the man who keeps Kerala in splits.

Prominent Music composers and playbacksingers gather in Arundhathi’s home in Vishu Virunnu at 7.30 pm for a get together , feasting on a delicious Vishu lunch and then treating their audiences to a sumptuous banquet of malayalm film songs. An indepth interview with actor director Lal at 8.00pm followed by a riotous half anhour with the Frolicsome Foursome of the Superhit ‘To Harihar Nagar’ in Interview with the Harihar Nagar Team 8.30 pm followed by a Super Talent Vishu Special at 9pm brings the curtains down on this Vishu.

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