Amrita TV’s Programme Extraordinaire – ‘Super Talent’

Amrita TV Super Talent

Amrita TV Super Talent

‘Super Talent’ Amrita TV’s ultimate entertainer established in the audition phase itself that veering away from stifling rules will pay rich dividends; the eagerly awaited show will hit the air waves on the 15th of December at 9 pm and thereafter will be telecast from Monday through Thurday.

‘Super Talent’, the refreshingly different reality show offers a platform for presenting any and every talent inborn in a person, however remarkable it may be: mime, mimicry, mono act, magic, juggling, instrumental music, etc as well as music and dance. From the deluge of applications that flooded the mailbox, from all over India, the Middle East and Europe, 35 top performers were short listed.

The main reason for the overwhelming response was the fluidity of ‘Super Talent’s’ format, unfettered by the usual regulatory measures ; surprisingly, each discarded rule delivered unexpected bonuses .

‘Super Talent’s’ is the first reality show in India, where age is no bar to competing. On the belief that age refines rather than blunts God given talent, ‘Super Talent’ threw open its doors to all artistically gifted aspirants; it was rewarded for this thoughtful gesture with an absorbing clash between generations where first graders take on 68 yr old grandfathers.

‘Super Talent’ is the first reality show in India, where different skills of the same person can be showcased on the same stage. By this novel departure the audience got the rare sight of super talented personalities blessed with more than one kind of gift.

‘Super Talent’ is the first reality show in which the same stage plays host to vastly different gifts; in the bargain, treating the audience to a wide variety of talents in the same episode. It displays some mind-boggling performances – playing 30 musical instruments simultaneously, swallowing 3 swords together; singing in male and female voice at the same time; inflating a balloon with one’s ear etc. Thus this show offers extreme entertainment through extraordinary talent

‘Super Talent’ expected just one thing from the contestants- to untie the halter of their talent and let it roam free, to blend it with other art forms to create new hybrids. The results look like something out of Ripley’s ‘Believe it or not’- martial arts performed to the sound of music , play a raga on a percussion instrument, etc.

By preparing to be unconventional, ‘Super Talent’ has energized tried and tested formulas creaking under the weight of predictability, breathed fresh life to formats on life support systems. By pushing the established borders of conventional reality shows ‘Super Talent’ brings the entire universe of talent-based performance within its compass and is on course to becoming a synonym for entertainment.

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