Amrita TV New Programs – Hello Americas

Amrita TV New Programs – Hello Americas, Program timings – Sunday, 08.30 PM

Hello Americas

Hello Americas

The Amrita TV team started out on their exploratory expedition on a blistering cold day in early January to record the Winter Edition of Hello America. It was an America muffled to the ears in snow, with the barometer hovering around a bone-numbing cold Minus 30 degrees.

The crew captured scenes and sights along the route – of Ice Fishing, snowmobiling, what it feels to be inside an igloo – wending their way from coast to coast – from New York the Global City, melting pot of all the Nationalities of the world; City of Venice, where Cowboy towns are still preserved in their pristine state, as it was 150 years ago ; Detroit, synonym of the American Automobile Industry ; Los Angeles, the home base of Hollywood, the world’s most thickly populated celebrity neighborhood; Venice Beach, in whose Golden Gym on the ‘Muscle Beach’ stretch Arnold Schwarzenegger, the film icon comes to work out . They halted every now and then to have first hand encounters with the citizens both American and Indian American , that threw up surprising insights of the Other Side of The United States – of rock solid family ties that rival those of the East; of sacrifices undertaken by a devoted wife who moved to successive smaller and smaller homes to put her husband through Medical school ; of the Central Kitchen that feeds over 5000 homeless poor a day in Washington D.C, the Capital of the richest nation in the world.

“Hello Americas” is a montage of diverse, unconnected images of ways, traditions and customs which splice themselves together to form a complete film of the American life and culture as it exists today

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