Kailasa Nathan – New Devotional Serial On Asianet

Kailasa Nathan (Malayalam Version Of Devon Ke Dev… Mahadev) – New Malayalam Devotional Television Serial On Asianet

Kailasa Nathan

Kailasa Nathan

Kailasa Nathan Starting 26th November 2012 at 10.00 P.M, Every Monday To Friday at 10.00 P.M

Karpur Gauram – Title Song Of The Serial Kailasa Nathan On Asianet

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  1. BetterLife says:

    I am from Thiruvananthapuram. Commercials broadcasting in Asianet Channel is becoming too horrible and unbearable in its prolonged duration, but not in its audio visual quality. I do not use to watch prime time serials as majority are too poor in its theme or message to society. It just show posh setup and worst life which questions viewers common sense.

    “Kailasanadhan” is an exception, it is created so beautifully with much care and we are pleased to enjoy it, thanks for its creators. In beginning, commercials were minimum and was reasonable. But now Asianet is examining viewers patience by showing 14 minutes of commercials in 30 minute program which kills all its enjoyment and cause to hate Asianet’s greedy attitude by forgetting its commitment to the public who pays to view the channel. I request Asianet to keep quality in commercials timing too, should not be more than 5-6 minutes in a 30 minute program.

  2. Deepa says:

    Hi Better Life, I agree with you, by the way, kailasanathan is a serial produced by the Life OK channel and it is still aired at 8.00 P.M. The story has progressed very much but you can view it to see the latest story about Ganesha. It is a serial which has become very popular. I also hope that Asianet stops serials like those with mother in law themes, they are outdated if htey do not know it. Nobody is interested in ‘kanneer’ serials anymore.

  3. BetterLife says:

    Thank you Deepa. Let more people come out with positive opinion on right attitudes so that there is a distant chance to get things improved on wide response. But unfortunately these channels don’t have any feedback option, they may fear , the wise public’s scoldings 🙂

  4. Kailasa Nathan Title Song says:

    Can You please upload the Title Song of the Serial ” Kailasa Nathan “.

  5. Suni says:

    I need to title song of “Kailaasanathan” . Please help to download

  6. pratheep says:

    Kailasa Nathan i like this serial siva is vry vry gud

  7. kris says:

    reply to betterlife- I work for advertising, nothing is free dude, all channel wants to make money, just think if you were the owner of any channels. we may see only commercials, but apartfrom all other channels asianet stands first in content except some bloody comedy shows 🙂

  8. tina says:

    please send me the 11th jan.episode of kailasanathan

  9. liya says:

    hi Asianet,
    first thanks for telecasting “Kailasanadhan serial “…..the most beautiful creativity,…..than ever serial in asianet,….
    this is the first time am seeing Malayalam serial….i like Hindi serials only…i hope kailasanadhan got more attraction to the viewer’s…..

    it’s superb……thanks to asinet again……
    am a big big big really big fan of mohit raina and mouny roy,…they well acted in this serial………..

  10. liya says:

    plz asianet can you change the name of this serial as “mahadeva “…….
    i think the name “kailasnadhan” is not catchy…….

    i had a request to “kailasnadhan serial crew ” that “i heard a male song in this serial…..that was disgusting,…plz plz plz replace the male singer…..it’s really bad to here
    i heard the same song in Hindi it was superb and nice…but in Malayalam the singer is disgusting really…….

  11. liya says:

    hi Asianet,…….
    i like the serial “kailasanadhan” very much,……..great creativity and idea’s……

  12. dev says:

    kailasanadhan the great serial”
    om nama shivay

  13. rithy says:

    100 star’s for kailasanadhan crew’s
    it’s a great serial
    waiting for tomorrow

  14. ash says:

    PLS LIKE GAYS ,include photos, title song, videos , trailors etc

  15. pinku says:

    oh really thanks ash
    really a wonderful serial
    waiting for today’s episode !!!!!

  16. Hema says:

    Its a supper serial.
    I love to watch this serial
    pls upload the title song of this serial

    Thank you
    Hema Nair

  17. ASHISH says:

    oh MY god…. 46 likes in 2 days, for my new facebook page ‘KAILASA NADHAN’


  18. miu says:

    wow wow woow super serial……..
    waiting for the upcoming episode………
    thanks for Asianet………..for giving us a wonder mythological story of shiva and sati……..
    har har mahadev _/\_”””””””

    all the best wishes for the whole crew of kailasanadhan “……….”Devon ke Dev Mahadev “….

  19. anurag says:

    The serial “Kailasanadhan” is created so beautifully with much care and are pleased to enjoy it, thanks only for its creators . In beginning, commercials were minimum and was reasonable. But today the channel exams the viewers’ patience. It causes confusion in the minds of the viewers to hate Asianet’s this greedy attitude. The Asianet forgets its commitment to the the society. The count down will be started in the number of viewers day by day if this is continuing. So, I request Asianet to keep quality in commercials timing too,it should not be more than 4 minutes at a time in a 30 minute program. Or show all of the ads at once. What kinds of world it is?

  20. Narayanan says:

    Please post the episodes in youtube too……….
    Since the serial is at 10 pm i cannot watch it.

  21. Krishna says:

    Hi.. Asianet, first of all I thank you to Asianet for telecasting KAILASANATHAN. Me & my family is a regular viewer of KAILASANATHAN. I have a request to Asianet that please reduce the advertisement in this serial & giving more importance to KAILASANATHAN & I have another request that please telecast KAILASANATHAN everyday including celebrity days because it is a devotional serial. One week I watched this serial at 4.00 am at that time this half hour serial completed within 15 minutes.I hope that you may try to rectify my complaint.once again thanking you for telecasting KAILASANATHAN with wonderful name, song & each moment of this serial.

  22. nora says:

    hi asinet ,
    thanks for telecasting the awesome serial “kailasanathan ”
    enjoying each and every movement of this serial….
    well acted……
    well graphic..

  23. Nidhin says:

    super serial mohit raina adipole…… nirthi kalanjekkalle……. eppa crct a tymina loadshedding……. eppazha edinde repeat…..????

  24. unni........ says:

    Super serial please don’t stop it, Many people like us are watching…………….

    Super spirit making and spiritual promoting which helps to think about our selves…..

    thanks asianet………………for this wonder ful serial

  25. Nirmal says:

    I like this serial a amazing serial.This serial make me more devotion

  26. Arunima says:

    Could u pls tel the name of the actr who is actng as mahadevan..any way hats off to u sir..since i am livng near a mahadeva templ,all devottees say tht he is the real shiva..

  27. sharun says:

    suprbuuuuu…serial , i like asinet serial kailasanthan

  28. Sachin Vignesh says:

    one and only one request , please reduce the advertisements and give more importants to

  29. MSmani says:

    Can u tell me the name of SATHI……..plz……….

  30. veena says:

    love of Shiva an Sati is awesome
    the songs in btwn is goo

  31. Anoop c shaji says:

    Awesome serial.. what a romantic moments.. superb.. iam a regular viewer. please do not stop it …

  32. Kailasa Nathan says:

    Kailasa Nathan , Good Serial From Asianet.

  33. gopu says:

    the dialogue delivery of shiva and young ganapathi is superb..Who are the dubbing artists? could anyone tell their names Plz ?

  34. sneha says:

    hey guys,do u want to know the names of devon ke dev mahadev/kailasanadhan/shivam cast shiva-mohit raina,parvati-sonarika bhadoria,sati-mouni roy,nandi-kumar hedge,karthikeya-rushiraj pawar,ganesh-sandhil kapoor,vishnu/krishna-saurabh raj jain.A bad news for all malayalis.that in hindi they had changed the parvati now the new parvati is pooja bose.who is not suitable for the role if you search her images u can see.Our old parvati sonarika is now acting in a new movie in tamil called “INDRAJITH” co-star is tamil actor gautam karthik .hope you guys watch that film

  35. sneha says:

    i am a great fan of mohit raina and sonarika.in my mobile there are 247 images of them which i had download.i watch kailasanadhan(malayalam)10.00-10.30 asianet.devon ke dev mahadev(hindi)8.00pm-8.30pm(life ok)and shivam(tamil)11.30am-12.00am on (vijay tv).Shivam whenever possible because i want to go to school.

  36. mahesh says:

    hi frnds

    somebody tell me who is the malayalam dubbing artist for siva in kailasanathan

  37. Surya. P. R. says:

    Kailasanathan is a great serial which i never miss to watch. I love the title song “karpoora gauram karunavataram….”. I tried to download it, but i couldnot. So Kindly send me the Mp3 of this song. And i have one more request to Asianet, there is one serial about god krishna titled as “dwarakadeesa” in imagine tv. If possible try to made available this on asianet. Please i die hard to see krishna serial. Hope you take my humble request in to consideration. Thank you. Surya

  38. Rashil says:

    Somebody tell me who is the dubbing artist for siva in kailasanathan (malayalam)

  39. Saraswathi says:

    me only watching this serial, i am a devote of lord shiva. om na shimaya

  40. Roshni says:

    An awesome serial.Happy to see the hindi serial in malayalam.

  41. arjun says:

    Is kailasanathan over or it stopped somebody plz help

  42. arjun says:

    Is kailasanathan over or it stopped somebody plz help me

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