Amrita TV Chathayam Day Programs On 31 August 2012


Ninnishtam Ennishtam 2

Ninnishtam Ennishtam 2

Chathyam day Onam specials gets off the ground with Akathalathile Ona Vishesham. Vellappali Nateshan come on screen in Akathalathile Ona Vishesham at 7.30 am. Interview with the scion of the Travancore Royal family His Highness Marthanda Varma by Amrita TV CEO and Chief Editor Shri K.Gopalakrishnan in In Conversation with His Highness Shri Marthanda Varma is at 8.30am , in which His Highness expresses his reservations about displaying the priceless treasures from the Padmanabhaswamy Temple vaults in a museum, since it will be tantamount to deliberately inviting trouble.

Ninnishtam Ennishtam 2 , a romantic drama comes on at  9.00am. Ona Sadhya rounds off its Onam exclusive preparations at 1.30 pm. Aaram Thamburan the iconic block buster,  whose ‘dialogues have become part of film folklore, which has Mohanlal in the lead with Manju Warrier will be aired at 2.00pm.In  Ente Onam at  5.30pm , Deepak Dev dispels the notion that jingles are child’s play and remembers his early years of frustration, of trying to dispose of his keyboard thrice and failing thrice and finally landing his big chance . In an off-the –beaten –track interview at 6.30pm in Malayala Tanimauylla Thamizhu Pattu , Rehman the heartthrob of an entire generation ruefully admits  to having his teenage heart broken by the 1st flame of his life, a fellow student who rebuffed his advances. In Kaveri Poompattu at

7.00pm , the Kancheepuram clad Lekshmi Gopalaswamy listens to anchor and old friend Chitra Iyer in  unblinking attention as she explains the practices and customs of Kerala’s ancient harvest festival and reveals her special fondness for Puliyinchi. Unni Mukundan  who ponders over his attempts to attain stardom in Ela Veyilinte Kodi Mundu at  7.30pm is a firm advocate  of love marriage; he is ready to love anyone willing to love him, though he is doubtful whether any girl will fall for his looks. The actor par excellence Manoj K Jayan in Thechipoom Pattu at 8.00pm places on record his indebtedness to master director Hariharan for his entry and subsequent success in films, for the immortal Kuttanhamburan who catapulted him to fame and whose every gesture, expression and look was enacted under Hariharan’s explicit instructions. Gorgeous actress singer Vasundhara Das stops by at a college campus 9.00pm in Neelambara Pattu ,where thrilled to see the Shalkalaka baby in f lesh and blood the students  throng around her plying her with questions about her music .In Thanka Tamizhu Pattu at 9.30 pm the dimpled Prabhu narrates his experiences of working with the big guns of Malayalam and Tamil movies and confesses he is jittery while acting with his father, for in their first film together, Sivaji Ganeshan had slapped him in front of the entire unit because his acting was not up to the mark.

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