Amrita TV’s Vishu Specials 2012

Amrita TV Vishu

Amrita TV Vishu

As Vishu arrives, bathing the State in the auspicious yellow of the konnapoo, Amrita TV prepares a bouquet of Kani programmes for its viewers.

The day begins on a lyrical note with Kavithayude Kaineettam, that gifts its viewers with exquisite compositions in verse from the best bards of Malayalam, ONV, SugathaKumari and Madhusudhanan Nair, who recite their own poems, recounting their Vishu reminiscences through the fluid grace of rhymes at 7.30 am.

In Aksharangalude Vishukkani at 8.30 am, gliding gently down the tranquil waters of the Bharatapuhza, noted writer C.Radhakrishnan explains to Alamcode Leelakrishnan, the actual significance of this ancient agrarian festival commemorating the birth of the Malayalam New Year; paints a verbal picture of the event as it was celebrated in all its splendor and richness 50 years ago; describes the profusion of rituals and rites associated with the fete, that has since shrunk into a kani and a kaineettam.

Providing a musical interlude, Pattinte Kaineetam gives a windfall of the best foot tapping numbers from the top grossers of Vishu at 10 am.

New Releases , a detailed rundown of the Vishu movie scene, where blockbusters and shoe stringers clash for collections at the box-office: Mayamohini, Dileep’s full-length female makeover, as the seductive Mohini; comedy thriller Cobra that sees Mammoootty teaming with Lal for the 1st time; Thiruvambadi Thamban with Jayaram as an elephant contractor; Ashiq Abu’s eagerly awaited 22 Female Kottayam with g Rima Kallingal and Fahad Fazil in the lead and so on will follow at 10.30 am

At 11.30 am, Sauhridathinte Vishukkani crosses over into Tamilnadu to beard superstar Sharath Kumar in his own lair, in Thenkassi where he is the lord of all he surveys. He talks at length about his political ambitions, film career, the challenges thrown up the most difficult role of his cinematic life, that of the hijda in ‘Kanchana’, in which the alpha male with his muscular frame had to look dainty and feminine.

An hour long exuberant Goan carnival, Mathapum Poothiriyum at 12 noon , stops by Saji Surendran’s ‘Husband’s in Goa’, a romcom that is being shot into shape on location, on 3 decamping husbands who cut loose from their wives and live it up in Goa. Together, the TV team and the film crew paint the town red, hitting the top destinations and the hot spots: in between there is fun n’ frolic on the beaches with Lal, Indrajith, Jayasuriya, Asif Ali and Rima Kallingal in top form; camaraderie and high spirits when Sarayu interviews the 3 ‘husbands’; interactions with the director and cameraman that reveals juicy behind- the-scenes stories and so on.

Manthrikante Vishukkani slated for 2 pm, spends this Vishu in the company of Jayaram and Ramesh Pisharadi in Coorg on the sets of the comic horror flick, ‘Manthrikan’. Exchanging their ‘supernatural’ experiences, Jayaram recalls how he arrived at the film location –an ancient palace- late after midnight, was shown to his room by the caretaker who helpfully informed the sleepy actor that the owner’s wife had committed suicide in the very spot not long ago and Jayaram suddenly found himself very wide awake ….

The Vishu special movie, Orma Mathram is a realistic depiction of the trauma undergone by a young couple, whose only son is reported missing in a bomb blast in their vicinity. Dileep portrays with sombre ease, the harrowing ordeal of the father caught in the dilemma of not knowing whether his son is dead or lost, in one of the best performances of his career. Supported by Manoj K Jayan, Dhanya Mary Varghese, Nedumudi Venu, Lalu Alex etc the film will be aired at 2.30pm.

Heroyude Pattu Visheshangal at 7.00pm looks in on the sets of the latest Prithviraj starrer ‘Hero’, for which the youth idol has crooned a song and danced to his own tune .Prithvi, an actor by choice became a singer by chance when Deepak Dev urged him to take up the microphone for ‘Puthiya Mukham’; in Hero, where he plays a stunt master, Prithvi gets his 2nd outing in playback in the song ‘Tarzan Antony Coming Back to Cinema’. During the interview in which director Deepan,lyricist Shibu Chakravarthy and Music Director Gopi Sunder also chip in, he reveals how he became a singing star, how the song was little rehearsed but well sung, the picturisation of the number costarring Yamee Gautam etc.

Movie Bazar at 7.30 pm is devoted to a coverage of the audio release of Mohanlal’s forthcoming cop story, Grandmaster, a lavish function attended by its complete cast and crew.

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