Amrita TV’s Willow War Follows Through On ICC Matches

Amrita TV’s Willow War Follows Through On ICC Matches

Willow War

Willow War

When the dark horses and the green horns strap on their pads for the ICC World Cup,  Amrita TV’s Willow War too takes the field to offer a stump view of each match.

Every morning at 8.30am, an unbeatable team of national players, cricket experts and  columnists take guard on Willow War to offer postmortem reports of past matches
and  studied forecasts for future contests, with the  help of appropriate videos.

The first analytical segment of previous matches, which discusses threadbare the ploys that had failed and  the ruses that had fooled,  reveals  how a captain’s strategy had backfired, why a bowler who had been sprayed for sixes was sent in to bowl at the death or how complacency that can be deadlier than a bouncer whipped the bails off sure victory.

In the 2nd part, the experts gaze into the crystal ball and try to figure out which of the rival teams will carry the day, the maneuvers they could use, the tactics that might work, whether the pitch will be partial to pace or lean toward spin, will the dew play spoil-sport and  should the teams be batsman heavy or loaded with  bowlers.

Vox Populi, that gives snap polls of popular opinion may find a place in Willow War for crunch matches.

As the 14 contending teams waging war against each other, fight to the last man to win the biggest cup of them all, Willow War which captures the ecstasy, the enchantment and the delirium of the ICC World Cup will hook the viewers’ attention as much as Pieterson’s flamingo shot, Dilshan’s Dilscoop or Tendulkar’s paddle sweep.



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