Cinema Karyangal Basks In The Aura Of Gold

Cinema Karyangal Basks In The Aura Of Gold

Cinema Karyangal

Cinema Karyangal

Reveling  in the satisfaction of achieving the golden jubilee milestone as it canned its 50th episode on –the-trot, Amrita TV’s  Cinema Karyangal  looks back with gratification at the series of well conceived episodes that preceded the landmark.

Cinema Karyangal explores the vast expanse of Cinema operations, delivering information that rarely finds its  way beyond the walls of  film cities, to unlock the mysteries of movie making.

Telecast every Sunday at 11.30am in the morning, this one-of-a-kind programme in Malayalam TV is anchored by Lal Jose who lays down his megaphone to be at the helm of the first show that reveals the techniques, technologies and processes involved in the production of a film.

Most of the unseen heroes who toil behind the scenes, the master craftsmen of Malayalam and Tamil film industries, from director to stunt master, cameramen to sound recordists have appeared during the course of   Cinema Karyangal.

By disclosing the trade secrets of their craft, the viewers are able to comprehend facets of film making that had been hidden till now from public gaze- in cinematography, editing, sound effects, audio recording, lighting, graphics etc; they also get a glimpse of the labour, effort, sweat – and tears of these technical wizards who devote their heart and souls to giving life to a film.

Even as it re-visits the previous reels  to review the past, Cinema Karyangal is poised to go backstage again to delve into the nitty gritty of film production  and reveal the inside story of movies, thus unraveling the mystique of Cinema.



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