Amrita TV’s Tamil Trax Traces The History Of Famous Tamil Melodies

Amrita TV’s Tamil Trax Traces The History Of Famous Tamil Melodies

Tamil Trax

Tamil Trax

Amrita TV’s Tamil Trax is one of the rare cross-over, music-based programmes that follows on the trail of famous Tamil film tracks familiar to the Malayalee viewing public and unearths the background history of hits from the past and present. To be launched on December 18th, it will be telecast every Saturday at 9pm.

Tamil films enjoy a decent viewer ship in Kerala and are released in the State at the same time as it hits the theatres in Tamilnadu. However Tamil film songs with their rollicking tunes and exuberant rhythms are more in vogue than the rather dodgy and sedate Malayalam counterparts especially amongst the youth, jostling for air space with Malayalam hits and racing ahead in the audio CD department.

Though Keralites may be well tutored in the chart busting numbers, the general public is rather ill versed in its background , knowing next to nothing about it other than the playback singer who rendered it.

Tamil Trax therefore crosses the border and forays into Tollywood to check out on and get hold of information on Tamil numbers that have won Malaya lee hearts today and in the days gone by.

The anchor who pilots the show engages in conversation with celebrities who come up with interesting facts, news pertaining to it. Once the song has been ‘introduced properly’ it is played over in full length on the screen.

Tamil Trax is interactive in that it encourages the viewers to respond to the show, mailing in their responses, opinions which will be gone through at the end of each episode.

From next Saturday, Keralites can not only tune into a delightful series of the best melodies in Tamil, but can get acquainted with the ways in which it evolved as well.

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