Vijayadashami Specials on Amrita Tv

Vijayadashami Specials on Amrita Tv



Vijayadashami marks the resplendent conclusion of the nine day national festival that extols the triumph of virtue and the vanquishing of evil. Amrita TV joins in the annual October festivities with a number of programmes spread over the Mahanavami and Vijayadashami days on the 16th and 17th , to celebrate its  spirit.

Udayamritham at  6.30 am on Saturday the 16th is an exclusive episode that highlights the traditional rituals and rites practiced by the Tamil Malayalee community of Kerala during  Navarathri : how the women organize the customary Bommai Kolu, the arrangement of dolls embellished  with flowers and ornaments on special steps; the beliefs behind offering betel leaves to pubescent girls, considered as the embodiment of Goddess Durga.

In Sruthilayam at 8.30 am, the nine day Navarathri Sangeetholsavam ascends to its penultimate day with a rousing vocal recital by Vidvan M K Sankaran Namboothiri who renders mukhya ragam Aarabhi accompanied on the violin by Shri Attukal Balasubhramanian and on the mridangam by G.Babu.

Sankarabharanam, the epoch making Telugu musical masterpiece of 1979 that sparked off a revival   of interest in Carnatic classical music and brought National laurels to its music director  K V Mahadevan and playback maestros S P  Balasubrahmanyam and Vani Jayaram, will be telecast at 3.30 pm .

The famous Chariot Festival or Ratholsavem of Mookambika Temple will be brought live at 6.30pm,  in which the sacred idol of the goddess is taken for a pradakshinam around the Chuttambalam, pulled by the millions of devotees who throng the temple precincts .

Udayamritham at  6.30 am on Sunday the 17th ,another Navarathri special, covers 8 of the most prominent temples dedicated to Goddess Saraswathy, the deity of Art and Learning Mookambika, one of the best known shrines devoted to the deity, Chottanikkara Bhagavathy Temple Panachikkara temple , etc.

Vijayadashami, the last day of Navarathri is considered auspicious for Vidyarambham  for children. The propitious ceremony at the Mookambika Temple  in which children are initiated into the world of letters by tracing Om Hari Sri Ganapataye Namah” on grain or sand will be brought live by Amrita TV from 7-8 am and  9.30-10.30 am.

In Sruthilayam at 8.30 am, the nine day Sangeetholsavam climaxes on a high note with Vidhushi Parassala Ponnammal paying homage to Goddess Saraswathy through a recital of   Saraswathy Keerthanam that marks the Samapanam of Navarathri  Sangeetholsavam for the year.Taste of Kerala at 12.30 pm  visits a traditional Brahmin household to present a mouth watering Chakkara Pongal. Vadakkumnathan, the Mohanlal blockbuster will be telecast at  2.30 pm.

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