Veruthe Alla Bharya on Mazhavil Manorama

Veruthe Alla Bharya – Family Reality Show Of Mazhavil Manorama

Veruthe Alla Bharya

Veruthe Alla Bharya

Veruthe Alla Bharya Is the Family Reality Show Of Mazhavil Manorama. Swetha Menon is The Anchor of Veruthe Alla Bharya. Watch Veruthe Alla Bharya on Mazhavil Manorama Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 8.30 P.M. Malabar Gold is the Sponsor of the show Veruthe Alla Bharya

9 Responses

  1. Arun says:

    Veruthe Alla Bharya is Good Reality Show. First Episode Thakarthu.

  2. Rinz says:

    What a stupid program.. evenmarkku veraee pani onnum illaee…baryudaeee adi vasthram bagil eduthu vekkal, kozhi pidutham when the sun is way above your head…

  3. Mini Unni Bangalore says:


    MALABAR GOLD Veruthe…….alla Bharya!!!!!!!!!!

    Ingane paranjal ithu Promi& Nitha P.A.KURIYAKOSE JEWELLERYude add akkum!!!!!!

  4. ASB.Thampi says:

    Rinz you are not married !!!!!!! If not married Go and marry!!!!!! If married you are not a good husband ok!!!!!!!


  5. HIMAPRADEEP says:

    i need you adress to send my biodata plz …………………..

  6. sona says:

    Hi Swetha, hatz off for ur outstanding presentation. I and my family try to watch every episode without missing it. Considered ur programme to a decent and true in judgement .But after seeing 11-3-2012 elimination round like any other programme ur programme also proved to be fake. On wat groundz hav de expert pannel proved the two eliminated couples unfit. We all feel promy so unfit as he just prentending ,he talks really rubbish,can’t really stand him,coz he just fake. But wen his turn came de expert pannel was too soft and gud. Is it coz he is rich and bribed the team cordinators???

  7. shanu says:

    Shwetha ji

    This reality show is extremely good when compared with other programs.But I was totally dissappointed after seeing todays elimination round (11/03/2012).
    I n my frnz were watching this n we didnt feel a fair judgement made by the expert panel.
    .Manoj Sussan, Fahad Jumana couples were really playing good when compared with promi n nita.
    Actually v people feel tat u people r supporting promi n nita just bcoz of their money power.
    Dont show partiality since this is a show which is really going good.

  8. unni says:

    i also felt the same.promy should be eliminated instead of manoj.he seemed to be so childish during & after mindmaping,saying swetha,he did nt understand what the judges said in their opinion about him
    .& nita too,so cunning,she used to ask promy,why he gives her too much freedom? i dont think any wife ll ask that!!!!
    anyway something different to watch for a time pass.ALL THE BEST GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Umesh says:

    i need your address for join Veruthe alla bharya season 3, can you give me full details of adition and other details plzzzzzzzzzz

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