Surya Singer – New Musical Reality Show On Surya TV

Surya TV Soon Launching a New Musical Reality Show – Surya Singer

Vani Jayaram, G Venugopal, Unnikrishnana, Vidhyadharan Master are The Judges Of the Show ” Surya Singer “.

Surya Singer

Surya Singer

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  1. NITHYA says:

    I on behalf of many of the viewers of the program Surya Singer would like to inform that we feel partiality being given to the participants. As we all know that it is a program in Malayalam apart from rounds conducted in Tamil, participants can sing malayalam songs rather than Tamil. To be in detail Sefy is being more noticed as she sings only tamil fast numbers compared to the others who sing all types of songs. Even in the elimination round it was noticed that in only that episode no one was eliminated even being much commented on her song. We would request that not to show partiality towards anyone of them and do justice to everybody.

    Thanks & Regards

  2. Anju says:

    I m very sorry to say this but from episode dated 13th january i feel so judges are showing partiality towards certain contestants. Sandra who has shown her immense talent by singing lot many songs and she has been eliminated for no reason . Not only sandra but the same happened with Sri Hari also (sweet little kid) both are my favourite contestant. This itself shows that judges have certain preferences towards certain contestant . I just want to say that this platform is for singing not for drama /acting or show baazi. Because of this decision we are really missing real talents and our interest towards this programme . Surya singer is just making the viewers fools .

  3. Anju says:

    My comment is regarding the ridiculous judgement passed by the judges in the episode dated 13th January. Sandra is a very talented singer and not only that it is crystal clear that she sang very well . Plz avoid partiality judges , this is my humble request to you . These kids are just innocent . How long u will protect ur favorite contestant ?

  4. sudhi says:

    ini surya singer kaanunathu niruthi…aalukale pottanmar aakarathu..inathe prgrm serikkum verupichu..

  5. madhu says:

    how is it possible to participate with family in cadburys oreo surya challenge?

  6. sruthi says:

    sir how it is possible to participate in surya singer challenge??

  7. Lachu says:

    Who are judges on 11-4-14 in surya challenge singer


    This is regarding Oreo Surya Singer (juniors) . Very sorry to tell, the judgement of Sri Venugopal & Ms. Sujatha is very very shame. They were good judges before. Surya TV can transmit the programme for selected candidates. Why the channel showing the programme for non selected kids…… they were good enough than the selected ones. Also the judges showing so much partiality on selected kids. From the beginning itself, this programme will go in below rates…… Please try to understand the feelings from the of parents of non selected kids. How much they feel……they also watching the performance of selected one which were of below average. Please do the needful…….

  9. Udaya bhanu says:

    It is very bad and torch ring the contestants in the form of making them to acrobats while they sing. What are you intending by keeping orange on head or rolling the mike stand!.
    If you give any respect to the music stop this nonsense and treat music and the singers with the respect. We don’t expect this from a venue that is being occupied by Ms Sujatha
    and Mr. Venugopal.
    The program presenter doesn’t know what does it means . The way she announces is not for the smooth conducting but for the urge to announce the name of main spencer’s name as many time she can and not interested in the quality of language. Any improper use of language is a disrespect to that language. We understand your commercial aspect but it doesn’t mean you can do what ever they feel. All the singers are doing great.At least respect their talent.

  10. arun says:

    How it is possible to participate in surya singer challenge …..

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