Super Dupe 2 Carries On The Laugh Riot

Super Dupe 2 Carries On The Laugh Riot

Super Dupe 2

Super Dupe 2

Super Dupe-1, Amrita TV’s comic entertainment reality show is  scheduled  to draw to a close on October 24th . For those who are disappointed that the fun romp is over, more merriment is around the corner – the series  will go on with the second in the hilarious line, Super Dupe-2 set to start the very next day on October 25th .

Super Dupe -2 takes up where Super Dupe -1 leaves off  but  its format has been  enhanced to provide more laughter, better fun and greater entertainment:

While Super Dupe -1 was an individual competition with single participants matching skills, its successor is a team contest in which  professional mimicry troupes of the State comprising of  the dupes of well known personalities will compete against each other.

Super Dupe-1 was primarily a miming competition where contestants impersonated renowned  celebrities but  Super Dupe-2 broadens its compass to include both mimicry performances and pure comedy skits.

Super Dupe-2 is open to any team of  four,  who love to make people laugh, can imitate bigwigs convincingly  and are capable of  performing screamingly humorous comedy skits.

* Screen tests will be held in Trivandrum, Cochin and Calicut.

* The Format to register for the screen test :








The last date for Registration is  October 24th .

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