Super Dancer Junior 4 On Amrita TV

Amrita TV’s Super Dancer Junior Set To Scale Greater Heights In Season 4

Super Dancer Junior 4

Super Dancer Junior 4

Season 4 of the Super Dancer  Junior series, Amrita TV’s star-rated, giga-watt entertainer launches  to great expectations and enthusiastic fanfare on Monday, September 26th .  It will provide absorbing fare in the high profile, peak time slot of 8 pm from Monday through Friday.

Super Dancer Junior-3, the previous season of the dance reality show for  pre adolescents and teenyboppers in the 10-15 age group, which had warm plaudits and ardent applause escorting its every round, has just wound up to thunderous ovation from its viewers.

In the Grand Finale marked by eye-popping dancers from its finalists, Fida who held all the trumps threw the rest of the competitors into the shade, to be anointed with the crown and title.

Super Dancer Junior-3 had yet  to reach its half way mark when, twinkle toed hopefuls started  jostling for audition berths in the next generation in the series.

Even before Season 3 had settled into history and the audience could start feeling a twinge of nostalgia at the end of a favourite show, Super Dancer Junior turned the page and slid smoothly into the next season, to start a fresh chapter.

17 adorable scene stealers are ready backstage, groomed by Amrita TV, to turn in live- wire performances week after week.

Sudha Chandran who has become the very soul of Super Dancer with her jaw dropping costumes, snappy retorts, verbal banter  and ‘expressive’ reactions will be officiating in her third successive series as permanent judge. Shanthi Master ,one of the divas of the South Indian film choreography who provided an ideal foil to Sudha ‘s witticisms with her digs and theatrical interplays, keeps her company on the panel.

The gorgeous Sheha, herself a Super Dancer discovery, will continue to anchor the show and lend added glamour to the show.

The pioneer in the  dance reality show genre which has raised the bar with each outing, Super Dancer Junior is readying to continue with its seasons in the sun in edition 4.

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