Super Dancer-2 Grand Finale 7th March at 6pm, St.Joseph’s School Auditorium Trivandrum

Super Dancer-2 Grand Finale
Super Dancer-2 Final 7th March at 6pm, St.Joseph’s School Auditorium Trivandrum

Super Dancer-2  Glides  Daintily To A Glorious Conclusion

Bringing the curtains down on delightfully choreographed weeks of  dancing pleasure, Amrita TV’s Super Dancer-2 sashays into the decisive stage of the Grand Finale that will be held on March 7th at the St.Joseph’s School Auditorium from 6pm.

Super Dancer-2 unveiled an amazing  canvas   that depicted a variety of dance forms from classical, semi-classical, folk etc to contemporary and western.

Occasionally it delved into the realms of  cinema by including timeless romantic duets, selections from the disco decade of the 90’s and unforgettable classics from the black & white era.

The programme veered into a novel Horror  round, stretched the participants to the limits of their stamina through a medley, finally rounding up with an impromptu performance that scrutinized their choreography skills.

In the contention for the crown are the 16 year old svelte Gayathri, one of the youngest competitors, the supple microbiologist Sreejith who brings up the other end at 27 years , with the athletic Midh and the lissome Dilsha completing the field.

The Finale showcases their talent through a trio of rounds – the Solo that allows them to put their best foot forward by dancing to their strengths, the Duet in which they pair up as couples, and the Group where all dance in tandem.

While they execute their well choreographed steps before the throng of invited audience, watchful eyes will follow every twirl and pirouette as Kala Master and Prasanna Master continue to do duty  as permanent Jury members on the Judging Panel, with Jyothirmayi joining them as celebrity judge.

An invigorating line-up of celebrity performances from Jyothirmayi,  Shamna Kasim and a host of others will give a seasoning of spice to the event,  adding further to the flavour of competitive excitement that pervades the proceedings.

In the countdown to the Finale, as the 4 finalists practice their moves to perfection, the crowning moments of Super Dancer-2 promises to unfold into a medley of graceful excellence.

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