Sangeeta Mahayudham To be Aired on Surya TV from July

Sangeeta Mahayudham To be Aired on Surya TV from July

Sangeeta Mahayudham

Sangeeta Mahayudham

Promising a music reality show with a difference, Saibaba Telefilms Private Ltd today announced the launch of ”Sangeeta Mahayuddham” which would be aired on Sun network”s Surya Channel in Kerala from July. Six well-known music directors and singers – Unni Menon, Vidhu Pratap, George Peter, Chitra Iyer, Sayanora, Manjari as Captains of their teams would lock horns and share the same platform to challenge each other”s supremacy, Ajay Vidyasagar, Chief Operating Officer, Sun Network, told reporters here.

“Our objective is to increase awareness about the vast musical talent in India. Kerala has always been a hub for great talent for the entertainment industry.

‘Sangeetha Mahayudham’ has the right blend of traditional and modernity that is essential in every innovative format,” said Gajendra Singh, Managing Director of Saibaba Telefilms. “Until now, audiences in Kerala have only seen musical talent hunt shows.

‘Sangeetha Mahayudham’ will showcase proven talent competing against each other in a musical war. In one episode, if you are a contestant, in the next, you will be the jury.

This format will completely change the musical reality show scenario in Kerala,” Ravi Menon, Head of Programming, Sun Network, said. Each team would have four participants.

Fifteen episodes of the prime time week day show, which would be aired from July onwards, has already been shot. The show would be hosted by actress Poornima, Vidyasagar said.

Eighteen finalists selected from the mega auditions in Kochi would be part of the six teams led by the Captains in the show which will last for 14 weeks. The six teams – ”Thrissur Tambrans” will be led by Unni menon, ”Kottayam Kings” by Chitra Iyer, ”Cochin Warriors” by George Peter, ”Kozhikode Sultans” by Manjari, ”Kannur Masters” by Sayanora and ”Trivandrum Royals” by Vidhu Pratap.

The winner of each episode would be the team that scores the highest as per the judge”s scores. Saibaba Telefilms are currently content partners for Star Plus, Sun TV Network, ETV Network, Star Jalsha, Mahuaa TV and Doordarshan National.

13 Responses

  1. indira says:

    we were disappointed with the host choice. we expected somebody young. we were under the impression that shilpa of vijay tv will be doing it and were happy. if possible please will be better for the show.

  2. The anchoring of the show sangeetha mahayudham is not good . The anchor of this show is not suitable for anchoring…….

  3. mahesh says:

    The anchoring of this programme is vey poor.

    The team spirit is gud

  4. anu says:

    amazing program!!!!!!!!

  5. Kevin says:

    1. Poor Anchoring, she talked good Malayalam long b4, wot happened ? she forgot her mother tongue??
    2. I really feel that armature singers sing better than the professional ones. this show made me loose my respect for the professional singers in this show

  6. ros says:

    anchoring so poor

  7. pinky suresh says:

    I think this is a very innovative programme & the basic highlight of the programme is its Anchor. She is very good & iam a very fan of her.

  8. veena says:

    i like d dressing of the anchor in this programe.

  9. veena says:

    like the team members in kannur masters

  10. sadan says:

    So disappointed to see the verdict of the final. The deserving team of course lost final due to the poor decision of the panel when it reached a tie. We really do not expect such a lapse on the part of Surya T.V. in conducting such reality shows.

  11. shamna says:

    Poor anchoring.She is not suitable for such a job.We were disappointed .what happened to her voice & language .after all she is a malayali .she can speak english in the show.she has the right .but why she killing malayalam .please speak good malayalam. if u can’t please speak only in English.I am a fan of you.But these things I cant tolerate please.please speak in your original voice and good malayalam.your voice is sweet na….please

  12. Deepthy says:

    Dear surya tv,

    ur programme is very good but Poornimas English is horrible…

    She is very font of rrrrrrrrrrrrr..Means grrrrrrrrreat,Wonderrrrrrful,ganga tarrrrrrrrrrrrangam..oopsssss
    fed up

  13. Shahin says:

    Dear Hisham you r the real hero in this program because you are singing the gazal wow i have no words yesterday your team dismissed
    dont worry because your team continue the sangeetha mahayuddam show
    i am sure you are winning.Hisham hope you have a bright futer

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