Rahul Easwar Is The Winner Of Malayali House Reality Show

Rahul Easwar Wins The Title Of The Reality Show Of Malayalee House

Rahul Easwar

Rahul Easwar

Rahul Easwaran (Rahul Easwaran Namboothiri) is The winner Of Surya TV’s Malayalam Reality Show Malayalee House. Rahul Easwaran is the grandson of the Supreme Priest of Sabarimala Thazhamon Madom Kantararu Maheshwararu. Rahul Easwar Married to Television anchor Deepa Vijayan. Congrats Rahul Easwar For Winning The Title Of Malayali House Reality Show.

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  1. Deepu says:

    Congrats Rahul. All The Best To All.

  2. Dr. Ajith says:

    The Show is Not Over Yet, Then How You Decide The Winner ?.

  3. Leena Alex says:

    Thank God, Atlast Its Over.

  4. varkey leena denil edwin says:

    congratulations…..duster+house well done well done……………………….

  5. joseph says:

    Thinlal bal was the right person to win the contest.Pradeep has expressed and represented the real malayali’s feelings today.Salute to pradeep g.Thinkal was same in dark and light.the persons who kept lots of secrets will not win the heart of real malayali.Thinkal is the real winner.we are verymuch disappointed with the decision to declare rahul as the winner.

    • adheena irine says:

      i vote for thinkal bal.i am in 3rd standard.She is the real winner.

    • Adith joseph says:

      Hai Thinkal ,You are the real winner.We the whole family miss you from today.You are bold and beautiful.Keep it up.

    • Lissy says:

      Absolutely right.We miss Thinkal Bal

    • anand says:

      Why RAHUL WON the game????

      as he says there is 4 facts…

      1. he showed most constant behavior throughout the show.

      2. Surya TV tried in all the ways to irritate/upset Rahul, in all the ways, like the unwanted comments by Revathi or by bringing back the eliminated inmates of MH and show anger/ ignore to make him upset. He could easily manage that except in the case of Ridhi’s second visit.

      3. He was the most aware in MH that this is a GAME show.

      4. He was a DIPLOMATIC, INTELLECTUAL and CLEVER Gamer of this show, using/dealing other inmates like ROSIN

      and he proved it as HE WAS RIGHT

    • NAYANA says:

      that is right Mr Joseph..,

  6. Anu says:

    The Rascal got it. I am getting angry.

  7. Lalu Pillai says:

    Congrats Rahul and you deserve it

  8. J SURYA says:

    Thinkal bhal is the real winner. She won our hearts..
    Suryatv gave the title to rahul because he has nothing left for him when he back at home..
    So its better atleast to have a duster&title of malayali house..
    He’s a real gamer, who played well within the inmates without knowing everything was telecasting through tv

  9. supriya says:

    Rahul – i watched this programme without missing a single day-but unfortunately at the time of announcing the winner the power has gone= really fate -any way congrats -hope to meet you in my life- all the best.

    if possible please reply


  10. Raju says:

    Rahul was the best player in the game. He handled all the situations, eventhough some people like Pradeep took it in a personnel way. But we can’t think Rahul was playing with Rosin at least in sometimes. There is nothing else in Thingal other than her fighting and showing, it seems to be irritating sometime.Unnecessary so many times she got into and making noise to get attention. Pradeep was stuck in sometime to play the game. Its just a game and let the best player should win 🙂
    At least in next season please select some genuine people like Sindhu Joy to show the real malayalees.

  11. Gokul says:

    Thinkal the better among 3 finalists,rahul least deserved

    Thank god malayali House got over atlast, on what basis the winner was selected,Revathi said its purely public choice.was there a forum open to public to decide the winner,good that GSP was honoured with Iconic man of MH much appreciated,but winner not at all acceptable as he was not al real through out the season he has never won any ,alayalee hearts i believe as a contestant, comparitively Thinkal a bold girl minus her dressing she was very open to all she defended, she offended & even accepted her mistakes & apologised she was a true contestant,Thinkal u have won the hearts of all malayalees jus for the boldness & your attitude u showed throughout the season on behalf of all malayalees u r the real winner of the house,dressing up mite be your wish but u had been in traditional attire no doubt u will be the real winner.

    • sunny says:

      Rahul played the ultimate game. He seriously have some kind of marriage issue, for he was the only one not happy, or rather scared to go back home. It was evident in his body language. He is in love with Rosin Jolly. He doesn’t need any reason to hug Rosin. Such a hippocratic personality.

  12. Prajith says:

    This is absolutely nonsense, Rahul the winnerr! never expect it. So bad.. feels too angry & sad.

    don’t come with this type of stupidity in season 2.
    Please take genuine malayalees in season 2…

  13. Lawrence S.O says:

    Rahul was better as compared to others.

    Twinkle, who herself boasted as Rajput is not at all a deserving person for a title of ‘Malayalee’. or even one among the 3 finalists. I don’t know why she was not eliminated in the preliminary session itself. She was so arrogant, a fighter to all, whenever she commited mistakes, she said she was so.. and that was nobody’s business. At the same time, she abused and irritated all for simple mistakes of theirs.

    Sindhu was a failure from day one itself….

    Nina & Pradip should have come in the 3 finalists. G.S.Pradip was eliminated because of Twinkle only; as he was unknowingly slipped into her coccus.

  14. chetz says:

    Hai all…..first of all congratz to Rahul…..he is the one who deserves it…how u guys can tell Thinkal is the real person???She is not at all….she is a typical jealous lady…not a bold one…she was the one who used to go to each and every one to trigger problems…and after that she will show that she is very genuine..she doesnt know how to talk properly,how to dress properly,how to behave properly……with these qualities how cme she can b the best? She is a typical vazhakkaaali and characterless girl….She had problems withall the ladies in the house…that itself shows she is jealous….She doesnt at all deserve…

    • sajimol says:

      DEAR G S PRADEEP, …..When you came to accept the iconic man of MH you hugged Sindhu Joy and Twinkle Bhal but just shook hands with Rahul and while going you never shook hands with Rahul. I feel that was disrespectful gesture by a person like you grandmaster and it is a show being watched by millions of malayalis, so hope you will not repeat this in future.this is kushuymbu and asooyya in malayalam…….rahul you deserve it… house is not the venue for a debate…. your positive attitude was really good. thingal bal is not not at all deserving this house or any compliment. she did everything to spoil the calm and cool nature of a home

  15. Jalee says:

    Rahul Easwar’s Hindutwa internet group hard worked to make him winner. He was better in coordinating with others. For Dr. Sindhu Joy there was not much to perform in such reality shows. She could not lead the group consisting of mainly actresses. Thinkal Bhal’s masala talks and dress couldn’t be accepted by viewers with family. Neena Kurup’s dealing with daughter and acts were very good. Even though Dr. Sasha could not coordinate with comparatively less educated others she could have controlled her anger on many occasions. Hope by this time Rosin Jolly understood the response for being submissive from dear and near persons with her family even though it was under control in the last weeks of the show. Dr.GS Pradeep was the most liked person by me. He could show the leadership qualities and some messages to the viewers. In general the embraces, kisses and wearing of back deep open blouses and bathing towels in public had to be discouraged.

  16. Pradeep Nair says:

    Congrats to Rahul Easwar for winning the MH contest, which he does not deserve to, but still appreicated. A small note to the grandmaster Pradeep which we all like and are proud of. When you came to accept the iconic man of MH you hugged Sindhu Joy and Twinkle Bhal but just shaked hands with Rahul and while going you never shook hands with Rahul. I feel that was disrespectful gesture by a person like you grandmaster and it is show being watched by millions of malayalis, so hope you will not repeat this in future. Honestly I liked you to win this contest, but hard luck… Grandmaster Pradeep!!!

  17. Opinion says:

    Final result was really shocking. According to me Thinkal Bal is the real choice among the final three.

    Suray TV made all the viewers fools. Even if it is elected based on public choice, we would like to know voting pattern too.

    This was a show which make public as a fool. I really do not watch this show if there is part 2.

    • viji says:

      Rahulinu kittiyathil orupad santhosham.rahul oru real player ayirunnu ……………….and ayalude attitudum superb ayirunnu………. season 2 vilum rahul undayirunnenkil.pinne climax njangal pratheekshichapole porayirunnu oru finale mood illayirunnu,ippazhum oru doubt G S Pradeep ankilum antha angane kanichathu.athu vendayirunnu.

  18. Abhishek says:

    At first, the whole concept of public poll is bogus… I don’t suppose there was any voting poll that was advertised. At least I’m not aware of any such poll organized. Now, it is evident that Rahul was an obvious choice for the makers of the program rather than the masses. Simply because they have their won reasons that are best understood by them. Thinkal was, in fact, a good contender for the title and I’m sure if public polls had to play any role at all Thinkal would have been an obvious pick. Therefore, a dilemma was eliminated by the organizers picking a winner themselves in the name of the public. What a shame!

    Malayali House is a very entertaining program no doubt but yes unhealthy elimination techniques messed up the goodwill. Had there been a proper channel for voting and elimination as in other reality shows, the program’s worth could be better validated. Nevertheless, nothing can change now and the winner is there to be! I think Sindhu played good and honestly too. So did Neena, who was a real charmer, but yes with the usual “woman-specific” issues. Rosin played well, but yes, she needs to get a life! And your beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, which I’m sure, is not a hell lot. Therefore, I agree you are beautiful. But there are beautiful women with a personality that is worth more! Dr. Sasha was the doubtful one right fromt he beginning but then she too was at her best! I guess GSP needs to grow up a bit more, perhaps to the level of a great grandmaster if he has to win any more respect! Sandy and Daalu were absolute gems but then SP was the diamond that sparkled the most! Sherin was a herculean task for the inmates at first but he proved his worth and humane side by the time he had to leave! Sneha was an absolute mess though, she really needs to try to see life out of her own comfort zone, perhaps you will learn more then Sneha! Awaiting S2! Hope the mistakes this time will be rectified in S2… especially public polls part.. but if it is purely business then I guess not! Cheers~

    • Liza says:

      @ Abishek 5:01 pm) very well said and I totally agree. ..I’m not sure if this was all pre planned but i appreciate your views. ..it’s hard to find people like you who talk with so much sense and goodness. Cheers buddy. Congrats to Rahul! The other participants were sure entertaining.

  19. ambi says:

    congrtz rahul…..
    rahul deserves it…..he is d most deserving one in d house….
    bt i really dnt like the way mh ended….i thnk soorya tv has fooled d audience …guyz plz dnt cme up wit season 2.,,

  20. lida says:

    Congrats Rahul………You got what you deserved.

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