Raghuvinte Swantham Raziya Movie Premier On Asianet

Raghuvinte Swantham Raziya Movie Premier On Asianet on 19th February 2012 at 5.00 P.M

Raghuvinte Swantham Raziya

Raghuvinte Swantham Raziya

The film shows how terrorist outfits use money to lure unemployed youth to do their bidding. A mentally challenged young woman wanders on the city streets creating a lot of commotion. Many people, including policemen, take advantage of her. A report on her miserable plight is aired on television. Following this, Aboobacker (Sphadikam George), a rich businessman, seeks out the young woman and gets her admitted to a hospital. Aboobacker is certain that the young woman is Raziya (Meghna).

As Raziya’s past unfolds, we learn that she was in love with Raghu (Murali Krishnan), her neighbour. We also come to know that his family depended on her father for survival.

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