Republic Day Special Movie Notebook On Asianet

Republic Day Special Movie Notebook On Asianet



The film is the story of three girls who study in a boarding school in Ooty. All of them are from rich families but all of them have their personal problems- one is from a broken family, the other one has very caring parents. Then, there are the boy students. The film deals predominantly with the three girl students and their relationship with each other.

Pooja, Shridevi and Saira Elizabeth are the three girls. Saira is from the broken family. She also is very naughty and a constant prankster. Shridevi is the daughter of the very affectionate parents. The gang is very close friends
with two boys- Feroz and Suraj. Feroz loves music but is timid. Suraj is the star of the class. Suraj slowly falls in love with Shridevi. Soon, she becomes pregnant.

With that, serious troubles begin for all the friends.

There are times when you might feel as if the director is very obsessed with periods and pregnancy than the story itself, but that could easily be forgiven because the film’s real theme seems to be something very relevant in today’s changing times- the need for a strong family and support base. But it’s weird too because it is the kid from such a secure family is the one who ends up having unprotected sex and gets pregnant.

There are two things about the film that are beyond dispute- the film has excellent cinematography by C Diwakar. Its music is very good too. Majo Joseph, the film’s music composer also had starred as the shy music genius, Feroz. The songs are good. Very hummable.

Suresh Gopi has come up with a very good performance as the divorced father of Saira Elizabeth.

The stars of the film- Parvathy (Pooja), Maria (Shridevi) and Roma (Saira) have done their jobs. Roma steals the limelight with ease. That’s one newcomer to watch out for.

Direction : Roshan Andrews

Cast : Parvathy, Maria, Roma, Suresh Gopi, Sooraj, Majo Joseph and others.

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