Natakame Ulakam – A Political Satire – Saturday at 10.30 PM IST Only on Amrita TV

Natakame Ulakam

Natakame Ulakam

Program Timing : Saturday at 10.30 PM IST
Host : Dr. T K Santhosh Kumar
Producer : Dr. T K Santhosh Kumar

Political Satire as a fine art is the most accurate description of Natakame Ulakam.

Presented and produced by seasoned journalist and writer Dr. T. K. Santhosh Kumar this rare and fresh approach to exposing the wiles, hypocrisy and opportunism of the  Kerala political arena is an interesting break from standard run of the mill news commentary. It is often said that laughter is the best medicine, certainly when one picks up a newspaper these days a good comedy tonic would be a healthy recommendation for a public suffering from bureaucratic congestion.

With a keen insight and penetrating wit the brilliant Doctor Kumar writes a prescription to cut through the double talk with the deceptively simple technique of juxtaposing film footage of yesterday’s political pontifications with film footage of today’s political proclamations, all in good fun of course. Our viewer’s common sense provides the rest of the cure.

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