Munch Dance Dance Saturday and Sunday at 8 PM on Asianet

Actress Navya Nair on Asianet “Munch Dance Dance”

Munch Dance Dance

Munch Dance Dance

Asianet introduces “Munch Dance Dance “,a new reality show to find the most talented dancer in  Kerala.  Actress Navya Nair is back in limelight. She will be a chief judge on Asianet’s upcoming dance reality show for children, “ Dance Dance “. Navya Nair had withdrawn for the entertainment scene post marriage and motherhood. Along with Navya Nair, actor – dancer Aravind will also judge the contestants.

Munch Dance Dance will go on air on August 20. Munch Dance Dance show will see 10 contestants from across the state along with child actors from the cinema and serial industry. The contestants are divided into 10 groups of two members each.

The show was officially inaugurated by actor Kunchacko Boban. Actress Dhanya Mary Varghese and serial artists Rasana, Souparnika, Lakshmi, Faisal, Nishanth, Maya Moushmi and Krishnaprabha were part of the inaugural function. The show will be aired on Saturday and Sunday at 8 PM

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  1. Jamal says:

    Can I Watch Munch Dance Dance episodes Online Through ?. Pls Try to Upload The Episodes Online.


  2. Nasrin says:

    *****MUNCH DANCE DANCE*****

    I LIKE……….

  3. Sumi says:

    Navya Nair is a total stud..She doesnt deserve to be the chief judge.If she doesnt know anything atleast allow Arvind to give his opinion.She should judge according to their talent not on personal likes or dislikes.She is the only reason for not eliminating ny1 in the elimination round.Then for wat purpose did they keep such a round to fool all those ppl watching their show.She is a total disaster for the show.Pleaz allow Arvind to give his comments unbiased….

  4. FRN says:

    Navya Nair is a famous actor and dancer,however she is not specialised in judment. So her comments wil make negative impact in the contestants.she is also showing peasonal interest in d general d show is totally boring. Hence it is a ‘real’ity show,the viewers r feeling d show as a planned pls dissolve the show and reback d most popular show munch star singer junior.the viewers r waiting 4 d 3rd season of M*S Junior.

  5. Narayanan Komath says:

    Munch dance dance Judges,

    It was very very unfair for Aravind to express his comments yesteday so point blank to the little dancers.You should not have discouraged them so bruntly. There are ways and means to express in much better ways . Your anger was shown in giving marks also. They must be really hurt in your hardhearted comments. Always please be polite and mild in expressing your views,

    This is only my personal views. If it hurts you, my apologies to you.

    With kind regards.,

    Narayanan Komath. Ph. 0484- 2311072

  6. Karthick says:

    The success of the reality shows is that they provide, primarily, entertainment to the TV audience. If they don’t, nobody is going to watch a particular reality show. Definitely, we don’t watch it because it provides us with sadistic pleasure – to watch puffed-up, self-important and self-declared experts called judges giving a horrible time to contestants. The Idea Star Singer has at last changed over a new leaf.Gone are the days when the judges collectively roast an unfortunate contestant who did not perform well as if he or she was caught committing a serious crime punishable by death. Of late, the judges of Munch Dance Dance are bringing back memories of the judges of old ISS. On January 14th, Navya Nair delivered a long and acerbic lecture on the many shortcomings of two contestants who had just finished their performance – two children studying in 5th and 6th standard. Whether they understood or not is a different matter. The criticism was continued by the male judge. This was the plight suffered by the 3 pairs of contestants that day. It was like pouring cold water on us after we had enjoyed the show.
    On Sunday, January 15th, when a pair faltered, somebody was heard shouting in the background, “this is a reality show”. It reminded me of the blood-curdling behaviour of police in Kerala. This behaviour is in sharp contrast to the behaviour of Sujatha and Venugopal of Munch Star Singer. Even if the contestants committed unforgivable errors, they never gave an unpleasant moment both to the audience and the contestants. They were gentle and kind knowing that they were children and benevolently explained their shortcomings and how they could improve it. We want similar behaviour from the judges of Dance Dance and the producer and director. Otherwise, you will not have an audience soon. Judges and the people behind the show : valiya jaada kaanikkenda pillerdaduthu.

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