Kumkumapoo – New Serial on Asianet Every Monday-Friday at 9.00 P.M

Kumkumapoo – New Serial on Asianet Every Monday-Friday at 9.00 P.M

Kunkumapoo Episodes

Kunkumapoo Episodes

Kumkumapoo Tell the life of a young woman who stands tall in the face of adversity. It tells the story of Shalini who is forced to leave her own home for the sake of her mother’s well-being. Kunkumapoo Starting on 31 January 2011 at 9.00 P.M.

Kunkumapoo On Asianet

Kunkumapoo On Asianet

Kungumapoo Serial On Asianet

Kungumapoo Serial On Asianet

Kungumapoo Serial

Kungumapoo Serial

Kungumapoo Videos

Kungumapoo Videos


Kumkumapoo Serial Every Monday-Friday at 9.00 P.M on Asianet

149 Responses

  1. Boban says:

    Dear producer/director of Kumkumapoovu,
    this is such a wonderful story and well acted by the actors,but i feel script is not written with good humour sense,proper dialogues are not given to shalini s father,they dont have much important role to play all has been done by her mother,this can happen to any family especially in kerala TN and Ktaka,so please let papa of shalini has his views,he is objecting to her mothers thantrams but there is no punch this story completely dragged by her mother which we viewers refuse to accept moreover she is ateacher & she must not over react to her daughters sufferings,pls bring viewers in mood to watch………..Thanks

  2. Kuttappan says:

    Melaal kanunnavare mandanmarakkunna ingane ulla serial-um kond vannekkaruth… Oru ammayum molum… Ennit valya dialogue parasyavum ” Orammayum swantham makale ingane snehikkaruthe” ennu agrahichu pogum polum… Oru karyam adyam manasilakkuka… Bhoomiyil aarum 100% nallavare 100% dushtaro ayi janikkunnilla. So, ithilonnum valya prasakthi illa .. But ingane ulla serials kandaal Ivide majority ella kudumbathilum ingane anenu thonni pogum… Not Only this serial..Ithil Abhinayikkunnavar avarude joli nannayi thanne cheyyunund… Oru pakshe athu kondu thanne aavaam athu kanditu ingane ezhuthan thonniyathu… Ithu parayandirunnal ente BP iniyum koodum ennu thnniyathond paranju… Thank U

    • Serialkiller says:

      well said..ee naschicha serial inte director ennu parayunna shavathine onnu kaanan erikkuva…avane polulla utter waste kale thalli kollaan ee lokathu aarum ellallo ennorkkumbol aanu vishamom..lokathinu bhaaramaayi ororo janmangal..

      • aneeta says:

        i appreiate ur comment.well done.good job.this serial one of the worst and dirty serial i have ever seen.i think the director is a mentally sick person.

  3. lubina says:

    super seriel

  4. Anonymous says:

    What is the name of the actress in the last pic..??

  5. Jency SARA JOSEPH says:


  6. hasi says:

    mattuserielukalilninnum thikachum varity thonunnu.ee varity ennum undavate .

  7. nkpushpakaran says:

    I think the actor Asha Sarath plays a superb role as Prof.Jayanthi. And she is too good looking and young to be the mother of three grown up kids. No one likes to see too much of torturing of young shalini and only on this ground my wife stopped watchings the serial. Perhaps Jayanthi will realise very soon about the real mother of shalini and there could be a sea change in her attitude to the hapless girl. What an irony that Alphonsamma Aswathi is playing a crooked negative role! The actor in Markkos is also too good. An excellent serial which would go a long way on Asianet. Good luck.

  8. shine says:

    super serial
    kurachu speed venam

  9. raveen says:

    Serial is very good. Of late we are not getting to see such good serials and we have stopped watching serials, which are very unnatural. The performance of the actors are all very good. Asha Sharath acting is superb and so also Shalini and Amala. Shalini looks like a new face.

  10. neethukrishna says:

    This is very good seiral.. good story ..my family everyday watch …ella serialine pole…valichu ezhakkathe ..valare pettannu thanne salini yude amma ariyatte..swandam makal anennu…

  11. rosina says:

    very good serial.my husband and father will not allow to watch serials.But this is allowed because different story and fast moving.so my all family members are daily watching together this serial.The actor in Markkos is excellent.All are acting their own part very well.”Jayantee” what a perfomance.congradulations for all crew members.keep it up.

  12. vishnu says:

    this is a wonderful and thrilling story, me and my family watch this regularly .shalini acting is very good, my mom starts to cry when she see see shalini crying and suffering from professor teacher.

  13. anbiju says:

    professer jayanthi teachers n oru apamanamanu
    stop this useless perfomance

  14. noushiba says:

    the serial is very good and realistic…… i like shalini’s acting …she is a very good acter…….

  15. BINU says:


  16. m.s.manilal k.l.m says:

    anikku valare eshttamay this is not serial its telefilim kanneer serialinte aavarthana virasatha ella ella artistum valare nalla prakadanam anu alphonsammaku eganeyum oru mukham unto salini realy realy very good aashachechiyude kruratha kurachu kudi poy BUT ACTING SUPPER bharthavu udhyogasthan kure kudi states keep cheyyanam aayirunnu maheshanu husbend aanugalayal egane venam any way GOOD GOOD

  17. abc says:

    pls can anyone say me the cast’s name?

  18. abc says:

    pls tell me the name of professor jayanthi

  19. jaya says:

    pls upload kumkumapoo serial online like harichandanam and parijatham we r eagerly waiting to watch pls upload in asianet website

  20. jaya says:

    pls upload the serial as online Asianet website

  21. Ikrumon says:

    professor jayanti is too sexy !

  22. Baby says:

    അവതരണത്തിലും അഭിനയത്തിലും ശരാശരി നിലവാരം പുലര്‍ത്തുന്നു എങ്കിലും , ഇതിവൃത്തം പഴയകാല പൂരപ്പറമ്പ് പ്രൊഫഷനല്‍ നാടകങ്ങളുടെ “അവിഹിത”ഫോര്‍മുല തന്നെയാണ്.

  23. Sanjuz says:

    Good serial..very day my family watch this Serial.good story…@ interesting.JAYANTEE IS A VERY GOOD ARTIST.
    one request,valichu nitti ethu oru kannerpoovu akaruthu.shaliniye kaliyanum kazhikan vanna payane kandittu kure nalukal ayi sooo oru newfac thonunnu….good selection.
    pls upload the serial as online Asianet website.GOD BLESS TO ALL KUMKUMAPOOV ARTIST.

  24. shilpa says:

    wonderful serial.all the actors in the serial are doing their role very well specially professor jayanthi.pls tell the real name of prof.jayanthi.

  25. santhosh says:

    really i like it because it is same as my life.

  26. shabna abu says:

    its such a good serial.all credit goes to the director.i would like to appreciate the whole members of serial.and there is a small suggestion to asianet family….., plz dont promote serials like……., autograph.., harichandhanam and the new one, ammakkili., because all of seems to b similar kind of direction and itsss toooooooooooo bore…..kumkumapoov is the only one good serial in asianet……

  27. mini says:

    good serial, pls upload the serial as online Asianet website.

    salini is good.

  28. Rajesh k Nair says:

    such a very gud serial,actors r doing very well,specially prof.jayanthi.this serial is very gud like its my son vaishnav 2&half year old and he is tell me pls give a small chance in this serial /u will be give opportunity in my son please.

    Rajesh k nair
    New delhi

  29. rekha says:

    In this serial, Shalini is said to be jayanthi’s first daughter( i.e before marriage). okay. After marriage she has two children ( one son and one daughter). but shalini calls them as “Arunaettan’ and “Amalaechi” !
    what an imagination!

  30. Krishnamoorthy/Radha says:


    This is a very good serial and me and my wife never miss it. We are very anxious to know about the future of Shalini. Its sad that Anand has been killed. Now what ???? All the actors are doing a wonderful job. We can never forget Margose !!!!

  31. Mary Wilson says:

    Though I come across glimpses of a few TV serials while browsing through channels in my spare time especially after office hours
    till date nothing has impressed me . In fact nothing was worth
    Unexpectedly while browsing for programmes my daughtr in law came across Kumkumapoovu I think we saw it right from the first day.
    Ever since that our days keep flying waiting for each episode .Its such a wonderful masterpiece, it is so genuine something that can happen in real life and the characters are all very strong.
    In fact its tension packed right now and we forget its just a serial it affects us a lot.

    We feel that there has never been a genuine seriallike this one
    Its super !!!
    Hats off to you !

    With reagards

    Mrs. Mary Wilson

  32. Roshni menon says:

    Myself Roshni menon…

    i did not like to watch serials bt when my amma told me that Kumkumapoovu is a gud one i started watching it… and now i like it very much… all the actors are doing there best…. i think Amala n Jayanthi has to improve her expressions especially while showing there anger… Mahesh’s expression is suprb…. and Markose’s expression and dialog delivery is extra ordinary… he deserves the Asianet serial award….. hearty congrats… and now i have to congratulate the villan( the quotation leader) he is really handsome and acting is also god…. i like anti- heroes more than heroes… i dnont know his name… plz let me knw his name….

    all the very best to Kumkumapoovu serial’s crew… v people expect more from u… so plz dnt make us disappointed…. May God Bless U all….

  33. Ammukutty says:

    I’m Ammu…
    i would like to know the name of the villan’s ( the quotation leader’s) name… n like him very much… u r suprb….. n handsome too…. plz reply…..


  34. coolgirl says:

    i like this serial v much guys..itz so interesting …can any1 gimme the cats of this series plzzzzzzzzzzzz……….

  35. coolgirl says:

    sry casts of this serial plzzzzzzzzzz

  36. XYZ says:

    Such a rotten story. But Jayanthi has acted very well.

  37. susan says:

    Good Serial, but kurachu speedil pokanam, Is ending is super ?, grand pa’s performance is also good.

  38. jasmin says:

    valare Nalla seriel aan. salini is a very brilliant performance.I like shalini.

  39. rani says:

    kumkumappoovu is d superb serial.my husbnd & daughter didn’t allowed me to watch serials usualy.and they even scolded me 4 watching dis.but i pleaded 4 it and asked them to watch it 4 a day.next day onwards they r first to switch on tv at 9pm and if i forget,they remind me of that— “THE KUMKUMAPPOOVU EFFECT”.all actors performs well.also kumkumappoovu viriyunna samayam(9pm) is d apt time.
    thanks 2 d director

  40. rekha says:

    it is one of the best serial.

  41. Aishwarya says:

    I LOVE this serial a lot especcialy shalini,arun n prof jayanthi they rock this serial.PL let me know the characters name.Hope u reply me with the characters names.All the best to the entire kumkumappovu crew members.

  42. Muthu says:

    Asha sharath ( Jayanthi ) s superb perfomance…

  43. Muthu says:

    Rudhran (quttation leader ) superb perfomance…oh what a look.!

  44. athira says:

    this serial is keeping a good quality.
    but one problem i feel is that salini is prof:jayanty;s daughter. but how can she younger than arun &amala?

  45. babu says:

    kumkumapoo എന്ന സീരിയല്‍ കേരളത്തിലെ ഒട്ടു മിക്ക അമ്മമാരും കാണുന്ന ഒന്നാണ് എന്ന് ഞാന്‍ കരുതുന്നു. അതുകൊണ്ട് തന്നെയാണ് എങ്ങനെ ഒരു നോട്ട്. ഒരാളെയും ഇങ്ങനെ മണ്ടതികള്‍ (കുടുതല്‍ സ്ത്രീകള്‍ ആയതുകൊണ്ടാണ് ) ആകരുത്.. ആ അമ്മയുടെ മാര്യേജ് നു മുന്പ് ഉണ്ടായ മകളാണ് അതിലെ മുഖ്യ കഥാപാത്രം ശാലിനി. അതുകൊണ്ട് തന്നെ അവരുടെ മറ്റു രണ്ടു മക്കളില്‍ നിന്ന് വയസുകൊണ്ട് മുതതാകണം ശാലിനി . പക്ഷെ സീരിയലില്‍ കാണുമ്പോള്‍ അത് ഫീല്‍ ചെയ്യുന്നും ഇല്ല,, അത് പോരന്ജ് അമ്മയുടെ മകന്‍ അരുണ്‍ അവളെ സ്നേഹികുന്നും ഉണ്ട്.. സ്നേഹികരുത് എന്ന് പറയുന്നില്ല , ബട്ട്‌ വയസ് അവിടെ ഒരു പ്രശ്നമാണ്.. അത് തീരെ ഫീല്‍ ചെയ്യുന്നും ഇല്ല, സലിനിയുടെ supportting charactors അത് ഇതു വരെ എവിടെയും പറഞ്ഞു കേട്ടില്ല.. പറയാന്‍ മറന്നതാണോ, അതോ അങ്ങനെ ഒന്ന് ഇതുവരെ നിങ്ങള്‍ ചിന്തിച്ചിട്ടേ ഇല്ലെ? ഏതായാലും പ്രേഷകരെ കബളിപ്പികുന്നതില്‍ നിങ്ങള്‍ വിജയിച്ചിരിക്കുന്നു.. കാരണം അത് കൊണ്ടാണല്ലോ ഇതിനു മുന്ബുള്ള പോസ്റ്റ്‌ കളില്‍ ഇങ്ങനെ ഒന്ന് കാണാതിരുന്നത്…\

  46. ancy says:

    kumkumapoov is a nice serial i like the performance of jayanthi very much.keep it up& try to do little faster because am waiting for the endings

  47. uma says:

    kumkumapoov is an intersting story. very eager to see what happens next…. next….

  48. mathew t v says:

    this the only one serial which haveing a standeared of malayalam..keep it up.

  49. matson max says:

    i seen so many boges searil in malayalam, but it is upto mark,and the story is supper.acting also classic spcly asha and gk pilla.

  50. matson max says:

    hi, jayanthi u r acting is supper r u a prof?

  51. j m middle east says:

    This s the best searil 4 mallu, i think all of them enjoying,

  52. Miya says:

    Excellent….this is a very nice serial.try to keep the standard 4ever.baiju devarajne polulla stupid directors kandu padikkatte..aftr so many years i got chance to see a good serial.bcoz kure kaalamayi asianetil baijunte serials mathrame undayirunnullu..best of luck.again i m remembering to keep the standard.nd i like asha sarath’s performance nd bhagyalakshmi’s dubbing which suits asha a lot.it gives little more power

  53. Fysal Nalakath says:

    Its a serial mainly got attraction of people by the stunning performace of jayanthi. We love her attitude and appearence in the mini screen. Even she is the mother of two girls and one boy, she looks the most beautiful woman in this serial. We appreciate her performance as a negative character.It is a different serial with different theme and presentation. Professor jayanthi ( dont know her actual name ) resembles like Ramya krishnan in Padayappa. Any way hope this serial will maintain the std through out..

  54. Ramsheed says:

    keep standard always……..

  55. Rajasekharan says:

    Good, but I am afraid some times the dialogue become very conning/sharp.
    Producer is keen to keep the high pulse level of viewers.
    It is high time to unveal the hidden fact.

  56. Anoop. Ali says:

    Am an expact employee working in advertisement and creative field… Actually I hate to watch a TV serial… But few days I noticed this serial…. I felt its am amazing script and brilliant selection of characters…and congestive story movement and feel…. ohhhh…
    Abinandhikkathirikkan nirvahamilla….. Its really brilliant performance Mrs. Asha sharath…. Every day am watching you…. Any of regular watcher met you whether you may in your real life, if he scolding you… am sure its not his fault…. its the appreciation of your Excellent performance…. Wishing you all the best and future…. …. off Biju Devaraj….

  57. Reny says:

    Its the second serial which I found to have standard long after joyce’s omanathinkalpakshi . Excellent script and pucca acting of Asha sarath! Awesome! A big thanks to all who works offscreen and onscreen for this wounderful serial!

  58. aswathy says:

    superbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb,90% credits goes to asha sarath(jayanthi).pls keep this standard always.Now this is the only serial keep standard in ASIANET,others are very boring……………. so pls pls pls keep standard we r with u…………..

  59. reshmi says:

    hey, serial was rocking,nd the story was superb,and the whole casting was too gud…amala aa charector avaatharippikkan vere aareyum kittiyille ningalkku ..her dress scense o my god yendonnu ithu..aa kutti real aayitu pregnany aano yengil athinu ariyille yengane dress cheyanam yennu athu aarum ariyathe inganeyum undo actress yendu vrithikeda athine aa roleil kanumbo onnunghil athine mattanam allel nalal dress idaan para bakki ullavarkkum koodi nanankedu undakkan….

  60. Sivu says:

    The other best performer in the serial is the one who portrays the character of Mahesh (the former son-in-law of prof.Jayanthi). He seems to be such a natural and brilliant actor that we don’t feel that he is acting at all ! He has a very bright future as an actor who is likely to make it big in movies.

    Generally the casting of the characters is superb. All these makes this serial special.

  61. jmas says:

    dear asianet

    kumkumapoo serial is same as my family story mrs jayanthi&amala
    ethupolathe kutharakal boomiyel undagil koreeekumbagalkannirukudekum.
    ethellaamnammal manaselakunnath veetile walarthudosham allathenthuparayan
    ellaathakathagalundaki sthreepeedanm/garhigapeedanam ennokeparanje nammal porushanmare awahelikum. nammudeniyamam eeee narigal neyamamkayileduthal
    awarku thnneyanu nasttam
    pavam ente magane orukaranawomellathedrohikukayanu,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  62. aswathy says:

    Dear RESMI, UR COMMENT ABOUT AMALA’S DRESSING IS VERY BAD, A KUTTY PREGNANT ANE,ATHE ORUVIDHAM MANAGE CHEYTHE DRESS CHEYUNUDU,ETHIL KOODUTHAL ATHE ETHE CHEYAN ANE.PREGNANCY FIRST STAGE ARUM ARIYATHE NOKAN PATTUM,BUT ORU 3 MONTHS KAZHINAL ATHE PATTILA.Resmi parayunu a kutty bakki ullavarkum koodi nanakedu undakunu ene..enthe nana kede ane a kutty undakiyathe,pregnanacy athe nanakede alla,its a gift from god athe ariyille,,,veruthe valatum viliche parayathe……..niyum pene alle………

  63. betty sebastian says:

    dear resmi, i support your comment about amala… how many people are watching this serial ….amalayude dress ottum kollilla &kure vannam..eekuttikku daily vannam vekkunnoo?? how many months preg now? eni mudal face mathram kanichal mathiyakum…

  64. Joshua says:

    Excellent serial! Hats off! Jayanthi’s acting is excellent. Another itrstng charecters in this story are markose and his wife! So natural. There are people like this whom I know personally! Arun’s charecter is also so nice! A question to its director: Jayanthi, her mother, and Amala, engane othu kitti ee fayankarikale??? Just kidding ok! Pls try to arrange an interview of all casts of kumkumappo in our asianet itself. I’m sure it will break the ratings! All the best!

  65. Princy says:


    hai, serial adipoli, Asha sarath (jayanthi) is super & beautiful & fantastic performance,
    etha paranjalum matheyakilla, adya mayettanu enghane oru actress ne kanunathu,
    serial veruppaya njan kumkumapoo episode onnum thanne kalayathe kanunnu.
    thanks to asha sharath & asianet

  66. smitha says:

    I am in UAE. My family see the serial everyday and we would not like to miss an episode. We are not serial viewers because most are very boring and without a sense or story. But kumkumapoovu is an excellent one because the characterisation and the development of the episodes are very good and hats of to the crew on the screen and off the screen.
    all the episodes are worth seeing and no boring episodes are there.
    all the actors and actresses are doing their best. not even a single person is bad on their part. we are eager to0 view each and every episode.
    thanks to asianet.
    viewers need such serials and we wait for more such nice serials
    usually serials start nicely but after so many episodes it become worse.
    so keep up this standard till the end of the serial.

  67. Ansi says:

    Kunkumapoovu is a very good serial. Paraspara snehavum manushika moolyavum anyamayikkondirikkunna ee samoohathilekku orupadu nalla messages pass cheyyan ee serialinu kazhiyunnund.
    So keep it up.

  68. Nkpushpakaran says:

    One of the best serials ever seen.Every actor is a real asset to the serial. The director has been able to bring out the best performances from them.My favourites are asha sarath and TS raju(markose). Veteran GK Pillai sir is super super. One cannot miss a single episode. Best wishes.

  69. Selena says:

    Dear Aswathy.
    Amala’s dressing is really bad..I support Resmi..oru actress ethrakke adhapathikaruthe in dressing..
    As you said pregnancy is gift from god..and she manages to act in this stage..athoke nallathu thanne..pregnant ayathukonde avalde vannam vechirikunnu ennu vicharikam..pakshe kurachude nalla dresses dharikanam ah kutti..Her mother(Jayanthi) ethra nannayane dress cheyane..jayanthi yude makalke ethra panna dress edan pattumo…The salwar’s which she wears are reallly very very bad..oru 150 rs ne kitunna salwar.oru serial actress kurachude standard keep cheyanam

  70. aswathy says:

    dear salena, amalayude dress quality alla naan paranirunathe…ok quality wise bad ane.ok naan agree cheyunu……but Resmi paranathe agane alla….amalayude dressing very bad ane…athe baki ullavarkum kodi nanakedu undakunu ene ane…..(she means her stomach).dear salena please read resmi’s comment carefully….quality wise bad ane…i agree with u….but i don’t agree with resmi

  71. Jessicca says:

    Ningal ellarum koodi aa paavam Amalaye ingane kollalle! Even though her dressing sense is a bit odd, her acting is superb! She really rocks! Like her acting very much! Jayanti was more superb when she was cruel! Still she’s good ok! Keep going kumkumappoo! All the best!

  72. aswathy says:

    DEAR Jessicca, iam also agree with u.Acting wise she is superbbbb.

  73. nkpushpakaran says:

    The serial will receive standing ovation from every quarter.

  74. Jessicca says:

    If u want to know the acting potential of Amala (Aswathy), just compare Alphonsamma serial and kumkumappoo. Two extreme roles she had handled! She is really talented! I think that she is pregnant now and so is her dressing style a bit odd!

  75. Nkpushpakaran says:

    Amala’s return to her in-law’s house is an interesting development. It is not clear if she has any devious hidden agenda behind the deciision. Anyway, I profusely enjoyed the sight of Amala sitting at the doorstep of Athimuttom as a forlorn creature. Love kumkumapoo serial.

  76. ROSHNI MENON says:

    story is quite good……. Mahesh & Rudhran grabbed my attention……. any ways congrats to d whole team………. I wish to know Rudhran’s real name……

  77. Jessicca says:

    Rudran looks sexy!

  78. Ajith Narayan says:

    Hi, This is the first time i am wasting my time for a serial ,any how ,not bad . If that director care little more , sure he could made a novel serial with some core in story, mainly the dresses of the actors, and unnecessary suspense. But it is the better time to wind up the
    serial ,through that the director can escape the branding from the industry . My congrats to all the participants in and off the screen .

  79. Ajith Narayan says:


  80. anish says:

    this is the first time i m spending my time on this serials..
    but i cant go away from this.
    the serial is superb. in my life i didn’t see this much intelligent way of direction in mini screen. the whole crew and script is fabulous. i m sure, director needs some special appreciation. a mega serial should be like this. some important plus:
    ***story is faster than any other serials.**casting is perfect and even old faces in new character**asha sarreth, salini(dont know her name), amala, marcose and her wife, GK sir, sajan,….. each and every charector is in proper cast.*** each episode is not adjusted with actors availablity.. *** a proper planning is there*** wont get boring in any scene*** and atlast………………….. ** jayanthi and amala was so cruel and became a shame of women. but u changed the story that a mother can’t be that much cruel***
    pls arrange one get together episode of full actors and sure it ll increase all records of TAM rating…. asha ji u r a perfect ma nw…congrtulation

  81. medhini says:

    This is the first time am spending / watching Tv Serial, very superb , the way of acting in each character is really superb. specially Markose and his wife fabulous acting (negative characters). Mrs.Asha Sarath you looks young and beautiful . Really a superb Serial !!!! All the best of all he crews of the serial.


  82. rk says:

    I haven’t watched any serials while I was in India. Recently we started watching this serial since it follows idea star singer. I am surprised at the amount of positive reviews on this serial.

    First the positives: I feel, the greatest strength of this serial is their acting … they all are wonderful actors (except may be the character Arun). Costumes/visuals are very beautiful …. may be unrealistically beautiful.

    Now the negatives
    They show the characters of Jayanthi’s father and husband as 2 people with high moral values, yet they are OK with her trying to kill Shalini in 2 occasions (1 using a killer and another time using poison). Markose blackmails Jayanthi’s father in front of everybody, still people take that as normal (especially Markose and Jaganathan gives some absurd explanation and everybody will be satisfied with that) …. that is insulting the intelligence of the viewers. May be the T.V culture in Kerala has brought down the viewers’ level to that low.
    Glorification of contract killers.
    When Mahesh, who is presented as a person with a lot of values, realizes that Shalini was given away to save Jagannathan’s daughters future, he praises him saying that Shalini got her values from her grandfather (where she is presented as a mother Theresa like altruist while Jagannathan gave her up just because of his selfishness … with no regard for the little girl’s life).
    Also, the character Shalini, is a human doormat with Stockholm syndrome. A totally generated character in a writers workshop.
    Almost all of the characters are in their best dress/makeup, even if the scene a casual home scene. Guys have more lipstick than ladies.

    In short, I never felt for any character.

  83. timmy says:

    Best Serial

  84. anjana says:

    i like this serial very much…asha sarath is a very good actress…the casting for the characters is the main thing that makes this serial a big sucsses.. all the actors are very tallented..my hearty congrats to all who are working behind this serial..

  85. Manju says:

    Good Serial. But a small doubt… Jayanthi has given birth to Shalini 25 yrs back.

    Probably after one year, she got married and given birth to Amala and then Arun. So Shalini is 25 yrs, Amala is 23yrs and Arun would be 22yrs or less than that.

    Are these people proposing a 22yr old boy for 25yrs old Shalini? Am I right? Then Poor Amala. She is managing to hide her tummy by pulling duppatta a lot…Her acting is superb!

  86. aswathy says:

    i also have the doubt……….like manju. and in one scene markose relieve that shalini is elder than amala……then why.every one is proposing arun -shalini?
    viewers arenot fools……..

  87. resmi says:

    hey aswathy njanum pennnannu ketto…..athe nammalu story ishttapettal serial kanum ok yennalum prathekichu ladies athile costume make up ornaments yellam sraddikkille …amalede charector cheyunna aa kuttikku swayam aa rolennu maaramayirunnu ,,malayalathil matra malla serial hindiyil starplusil kyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu dhi angane prennam undayirunnu athile main role cheytha smrithi irani marriage kazhichathum 2 kunjungal undayathu aa serialil abhinayichu kondirunna timil aanu aarkkum manasilakkathu polum illayirunnu avaru pregnant aayirunnaqppo abhinayichappo…onnukil cameraman sradikkanam allel amalede charector cheyunna athu sradikkanam …allathe athu pregnant yennullathu athinde personnel karyam namukku aa charector amala yennu parayum manasil undayirunna aa roopam polum nashippikkanayittu athu veendum abhinayipikkunnu ,,,,ee nattil vere artist illathe pole…

  88. Admin kumkumapoo says:

    Dear Resmi,

    Nattill oru padu artsitukal undu but like her only she will be there. She was about Quit this on March but we requested to continue this as we need her.if u r looking at her dressing and body fat please try to watch the 1st few episode u will get to know. imagin she is 9 month pregnt and she was there with us till 8th moth.every moth she will come from dubai for acting. we team thanking to her for the support to our team.

  89. UNNICHAKKARA says:

    i believe that this serial will have to end as of manasaputri. the writer and the director are unable to take to the end. everybody knows that shalini is the daughter of pro except the cast and crew of serial. its too absurd. this serial will cause many damages to the family life than any good.. please stop this bull shit…

  90. Jessicca says:

    Mr. UnniChakkara! You r the first one to say that this serial is a bull shit. I dont think so! At present this is the only serial which keeps standard.
    Admin kumkumappoo@ I like Amala’s acting very much. Even though she is pregenant, she manages well to act and I really appreciate her passion for this serial. But, one thing I want to tell is that, Jayanthi was acting more superb when she was playing the cruel role. Awesome! Wat happened to the old Arun??? He was better than the new one!

  91. aswathy says:

    dear resmi,

    resmike ulla reply kumkumapoo vinte admin thanu kazhinu…………..epol manasilayo amala (aswathy) swayam mari poyathane…………..serial crew ane request cheythe avare thirirche konde vanathe…………..hindi actress boby structure ayi nammal malayalees compare cheyunathe …………….foolishness ane kto………………..

  92. UNNICHAKKARA says:

    @jessica.. there are always people like you who would encourage such serials… do you think this serial is helping you in someo way other than wasting ur time and increading ur anxiety…. any serial to be accepted it should be realistic… do u think its realistic…. all are not fools like u…. hav u seen any family like this where a girl goes to a villian to forgive one or a mother goes to gunda to kill a person.. where a gunda is going around freely…. think realisticly and then u will know…… we malayalees need to think about this idiotic serials…..

  93. Jessicca says:

    Unnichakkara@ can u suggest me one story where everything goes along with real life??? I understood wat you mean but, as far as there are viewers for this serial, you cannot blame it. If u found it to be boring, stop viewing it. Without viewing it how did u come to know about the story???. Either you may not be a regular viewer of it, or ur taste may be something else. And about the gundas and all, wat you think of this world??? You think all the gundas are behind bars??? Sorry, any way I’m not going to fight wit u. I just cant fight wit a stranger for no reason. If u dont like, stop viewing it. Dats all. So simple! No hard feelings ok!:-)

  94. Admin kumkumapoo says:

    aswathy, arun is in dubai now he got a job.

  95. UNNICHAKKARA says:

    i am not a regular viewer of this stupid thing… i dont like also… but smtims i am forced to see… aisanet is the worst channel for all this things… u ladies are the ones to be blamed… they wont allow anybody to see anything other than this stupidity………go to hell u allll

  96. Jessicca says:

    Unnichakkara@There he goes again by blaming asianet. Someting is wrong wit u!
    Adminkumkumappoo@ you could have find someone else for arun’s new cast. Someting is wrong wit this guy’s acting!

  97. Blesson says:

    Me too support Jessicca! Mr. Unnichakkara, I cant understand wat ur problem is. Are you Baiju Devarajan’s friend???:-p

  98. rk says:

    Based on the yesterday’s episode, Jayanthi got married, 4-5 years after the first child was born. Then Arun should be 6+ years younger than Shalini …. and no character has brought up the age issue . …. just saying.

  99. afrina says:

    hey i lyk kumkumappo serial very much……….
    all r superp….
    i miss arun so badly……….
    will there be any change inj actressess amala…..
    anywayz for delivery she will go..
    so pls find a gud actress.
    and i would lyk to know the real name of rudran…..
    he has many fans in ma skul……

  100. aswathy says:

    iam also agree with rk.many viewers have the same doubt.please give us a reply……………….

  101. Admin kumkumapoo says:

    @aswathy.we know arun is better..
    @afrina: aswathy(amala) is done with this..she is back to her family life..only fews days for delivery.

  102. Blesson says:

    Very sorry to say this. Kumkumappoo serial was the best serial ever, but recently it had taken the same line of usual stupid serials by the introduction of new charecters like Karuna , Adarsh and all. U didn’t get any other girls for the role of Karuna??? Pls make it intrsting like before! Its a reqst!

  103. Muzafir Nihas says:

    Hi… who is the Director of this serial. may i get his number, because i have a good and powerful voice. i wants to do some dubbing works in that serial . can help me?

  104. aiswarya says:

    kunkumapoovinte ella aniyara pravarthakarkum ente orayiram assamsakal. ethrayum nall serial malayalikalkku sammanicha ellavarkkum nanni,especially asha madathinu. serialile ellavarkum ella nanmakalum nerunnu,koodathe asha madathine njangalku thanna directorinum producerinum ente orayiram thanks. ente valiya agrahamanu asha madathine nerikananamennathu.madathinum kudumbathinum ente assamsakal.madathine kanathirikkan pattatha vidham eniku ishtamanu.

  105. aiswarya says:

    dear asha madam i love U

  106. aiswarya says:

    aswathy chechiye kurichulla commends kandu,athu anavasyama. chechiye pole abhinayikkan arkum pattilla.nammal acting nokkiyal mathi.eni glamour kuravanenkil asha madathine noku.entha glamour

  107. aiswarya says:

    kunkumapoovinte vijayam athile artistukala,especially asha madam

  108. dhanoop says:

    its nt gd serial……………………………………………

  109. aiswarya says:

    anenkil dhanoop kananda,kanan evide alundu.

  110. aiswarya says:

    dear director ‘,jayanthiye’ vishamippikkalle

  111. aiswarya says:

    serial avasanikkarayo? jayanthiye karayikkallee ,athu njangalku sahikkan pattilla. ee serial ella serialukalkum oru padamakatte,

  112. Kristhudas says:

    Why this serial is propagating hatred? Why all negative characters are Christians? Markkose, Elias, Mariya(wife of Markkose), Now Julie (who acts as Karuna)… This is most cheap way to express your hatred towards a community…..

  113. Blesson says:

    Hey, nothing like dt kristu das. Just think positively. Here Adarsh is a hindu character. And he’s also a main villain. So dont think negatively. I’m also a catholic. I didn’t feel anything wrong!

  114. sajitha says:

    i lik mr. rudran’s chrctor most. create a balnc bet gud n evil. pls dont drag too much moody scenes of prof.j. make it creative and active instd of a typical fly story of mal serls. i like ur serial coz its creating a nice flow bet strong chrcts ie. gud and bad. keep it up.. wish u al the very best. n c u again with psitve feed backs and creative critisism. bye .god bless u all.

  115. vineetha says:

    it was a gud serial..but now it is very very boring..

  116. SUNEESH ANAND says:

    Sir, eniku e serielil dubb cheyyan interest undu.confidant nannyi undu.pz oru chance sir………..

  117. Jerin says:

    EE serial onnu avasanippichoode…Asianetil vere nall program vallathum kanichoode…horrible serial…

  118. Sameesh VP samy says:

    Koothara serl….onnu crickt kanam ennu vicharichal sister remot tharilla…

  119. intel says:

    It almost feels that here we have a weaver gone berserk in his path to draw a large viewership; too dogged in his pursuit of frustrating audience with sadistic tones in word and action. I am amazed that the audience is kerala can lap up this extent of violence. The serials are a great contrast to the sensitive portrayals of role of women in Hindi serials on starplus. In the name of sophistication and emancipation of women, the trends being set through this serial are going to be disastrous from every angle.

  120. a says:

    ethe ethoro vrithiketta serial ane…………salini enthe seethadeviyude avatharam ano?ellavarodum snehathode samsarikunna salini mahesh nte shirt colar pidiche samsarichathe ottum sariyayilla……..egane ano oru chetta node perumarunne……….kashtam ellavarodum nanayi perumarum….noki vallarthiyavarude colar pidikum…………..maha kashtam………pine salini ke appopante ammomayudeyum koode poyi thamasiche koode….avde disturb cheyyan arum ellalo………..

  121. aash says:

    please tell the name of rudran in kumkumappoovu serial

  122. aash says:

    ellarum chodikkunnu arunettanum amalechium shalini yekkal elder allennu..pinne engane mrrg cheyyaum ennuu…ningal aarum serial watch cheyyunnilla ennanu manassilayath….ee truth shalinikko prf kko mattarkum ariyilla…kurachu perkkanu a sathyam ariyunnath,,,pinne amma ariyunnuillallo shalini avarude kuttiyanennu?athukondanu avar son nu vendi shalini ye propose cheyyunnath,,,,ariyumayirunnengil ethengilum amma makkale thammil kalyanam kazhippikko?shalini polum ariyunnilla aval arunine kkalum amalayekkalum elder aanennu,,,pinne arunettan ,amalechi ennokke vilikkunnathil entha thettu,,,so cmmnts adichuvidumbol jst thnk abt the theme story..any way best of luck 2 all actors…1 more qstn 2 kumkumappoovu admin ie please let me knw the real name of rudran,,,,,please convey ma regards to him……….

  123. imdpeoplethemob says:

    Asha Sarath performing at Munch Dance Dance

  124. Gud serial says:

    Gud serial

  125. Soumya says:

    Kunkumapoovile rudran te pics kittan valla vazhiyum undo suhurthukale….

    Pinne maarkosinu oru award koduthe mathiaavu…

    Hats of to the director of this serial…..

  126. Jesna says:

    Angane Amala ajnjatha vaasam kazhinju thirichu vannu. Ini serial veendum pazhayathu pole interesting aakum. And Amala, pandathe pole veendum sundari aayi. Vannam ellam poyi, korey colour um vechu.

  127. :) Anu says:

    Hai njan e serial kanarund. Nalla serial ayirunu. But now a days its not good. Pls rudranem shaliniyem akataruthe. Rudrante real name ‘Shanavas’ enna

  128. :)priya says:

    Hai njan kumkumapoove serial ennum kanarunde but ipo 2 divasam ayte njan kanarila. Rudranem shaliniyem onipikunathe kanana enikum ente frndsinum oke ishtam but ipo athe angane allo pokunathe athe kond njan ah serial kanal nirthiyathe ok bye

  129. ;)Pallavi says:

    Very good serial. serial ayal ingane thane venam.

  130. Nikhitha says:

    Very nice serial. I love Asha sarath,Rudran, Amala& Shalini

  131. ammu says:

    i love asha sarath

  132. ammu says:


    asha mam,this is the first time am watching tv serial .really superb your performing with

    ‘kungumapoo’ u look very beautiful in kungumapoo and special thanks with u’r driactor becuse brellint work with this serial ,. good luck

  133. ammu says:

    Hi,asha mam iam big fan of u. ur dance perfomance superb

  134. Toms B. says:

    I pity the dialogue-writer! Ordinary day-to-day spoken language is alien to this man.Every day, there will be some “aatmarthamayi prarthikkum”, “daivangal”, and some ridiculous repetitions aimed at reinforcing a sentence.Dialogue-wise the worst serial in Malayalam! A real indicator of the insincere ways of the present-day Malayalee! ‘ Discernible eyes can see some ‘fanatic’ undertones also!

  135. arsha says:

    hi asha chechi i dont knw hw much i lv u ;i m a big fan of u . u r really exellent. i think i didnt have any more wrds to praise u. u r fantastic.and u r the complete actress.i feel proud to comment u exellancy. u r like my mother. i feel the same way of love to u like my dear mom.and i cant express hw much i lv u

  136. ROSHITHA says:


  137. MAVEENA says:


  138. sebastian kamiel says:

    good serial I have ever seen, from visakhapatnam

  139. ATHU says:




  140. Riji says:

    I agree with few people.Nowadays this serial is coming up with new faces it would be better if Shalini and her mother comes to know about the truth.Am sorry to say this but its too long.There should be an ending for this story and giving torcher to Jithan is more than enough.

  141. Roy says:

    We watch KUMKUMAPOOVU daily and it is an interesting serial. Just recently its trailer of future episodes showed Amala dragging the incapacitated Shalini from her bed and causing serious injuries to Shalini, which is totally unwarranted and uncalled for.

    In this juncture of seeing varying degrees of violence daily thru the media, (viz) newspapers, tv news, tv serials, movies, etc., is it not enough?? Why include such kind of mad violence in serials watched by all family members including young and immature kids ? Why imbibe such derogatory scenes of inflicting pain on debilitated good-natured Shalini ??

    Suggest removing such violent scenes from future episodes and lead the turn of events (with few twists and turns – to show above-referred violent scenes as a dream or similar event to a milder degree) into a happy climax.

  142. rk nair says:

    stupid comment The director cheating malayale people, Please stop this serial and make a new serial. I beg to the director please stop the stupid serial again once more..Please……….. The director please ask for vot anay person like this stupid serial

  143. Anil says:

    It’s quite uncool to be Shalini tortchured by Amala and it’s not founded by others. Hey! Can you even think, it’s impossible to cheet all others, as they are very brilliant people like police, teachers, writers, and all of them are very brilliant. But how it is possible to cheet all of this people by a single women!! Impossible!!! and nonsense!!! I have requiest, pls do commonsense when you make series

  144. MEENA says:

    Very Good Serial with fine acting. We love AMALA. Her perofrmance is negative role is quite complete. We just Love her.

  145. Nalini says:

    Beautiful serial with an excellent star cast came 2 a drastic end yesterday…..There were so many ways you could ended this very beautifully….But ending a serial does not mean 2 kill every one and finish it.Most of the people were very upset due to the horrible ending.Kindly do not attempt for a squeal….

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