Idea Star Singer Season 5 Top 3 Finalists

Idea Star Singer Season 5 Top 3 Finalists

Top 3 Finalists are Immanuel Henry , Kalpana Raghavendar and Mridula Varier. Akhil Krishnan J and Antony John VJ Out.

Immanuel Henry

Immanuel Henry

Kalpana Raghavendar
Kalpana Raghavendar
Mridula Varier
Mridula Varier

4th Runner Up is Antony John VJ

5th Runner Up is Akhil Krishnan J

15 Responses

  1. krisna says:

    I was watching with a lot of enthusiasm the grand finale show now happening.

    The most unfortunate thing that happened was the two talented persrons were thrown out of competition by the 4 judges unceremoneously throwing all the norms and nuances of music to the wind. I would emphasise it was the judges who did this and not the public through SMS.

    This is absolutely crap and Asianet stand naked in the eyes of the public who invested great faith in their fair judgment.

    This is a farce created on the entire music loving community for it is absolutely obvious the partisan judgment that has gone through this.

    Asianet lost all credibility and must terminate this farce with this episode.

    An ardent music lover

  2. sivan says:

    കല്പന asianet idea star singer season 5 ലെ വിജയി ആയി . kalpana നല്ല പാടു കാരിയാണ് പക്ഷെ sms ന്റെ അടിസ്ഥാനത്തില്‍ immanuel first ഉം Mridula second ഉം kalpana third ഉം ആണ് . പക്ഷെ എങ്ങനെ kalpana ഫസ്റ്റ് ആയി. ഒരു playback singer ആയ kalpana യെ winner ആക്കണമെന്ന് starsinger judges നെ മുന്‍ ധാരണ യുണ്ടായിരുന്നു. എന്നിട്ടും sms എന്ന് പറഞ്ഞു പബ്ലിക്‌ ന്റെ കോടികള്‍ Idea യും Asianet യും കൂടി തട്ടിയെടുത്തു .
    പാവം വിഡ്ഢികളായ ജനങ്ങള്‍. ഇത് വളര്‍ന്നു വരുന്ന ഗായകര്കാരെ വളര്‍ത്തിയെടുക്കാനുള്ള വേദി യാകണം അല്ലാതെ playback singers നെ award കൊടുക്കാനുള്ള വേദിയാകരുത് .പാവം mridula ഭാഗ്യം ഇല്ലാത്ത കുട്ടിയാണ് .Amrita channel ലും final വരെ വന്നു Asianet ലും വന്നു എന്നിട്ടും അവള്‍ singer ആയില്ല .
    നാളെ ഒരു reality show ല്‍ Yesudas ഉം M G Srikumar ഉം chitra ഉം ഒക്കെ പങ്കെടുത്തു winners ആകാം . കുറെ പാവങ്ങള്‍ SMS അയച്ചു കൊണ്ടിരിക്കും . ഏഷ്യാനെറ്റ്‌ ന്റെ Credibility നഷ്ടപ്പെട്ടിരിക്കുന്നു ഇനിയെങ്കിലും ഇത് stop .ചെയ്യുക
    അടുത്തത് season6 തുടങ്ങുകയായി വീണ്ടും ജനങ്ങള്‍ റഞ്ഞിനി ഹറിദാസ്‌ (രഞ്ജിനി ഹരിദാസ്‌ ) ന്റെ മംഗ്ലീഷ് കേട്ട് നമ്മള്‍ ക്ക് തൃപ്തിയടയാം

  3. Shaahid says:

    Crap…..crap show from Asianet….i hope they chose the winner at the time of commencement of the show a year back….and wrote a drama script with kalpana as the protagonist….and thats why they shot those cemetery scenes and all….yesterday in the challenge round she was making some noise and calling it western music….and yet she walked away with the grand prize…..while the one who put forth best display was given the last position …the treatment given to Akhil was just plain pathetic….just to make sure dharmam is also upheld in the show…and antony was given 4th…..i dont have anything against him…but we all know Akhil deserved a better treatment…go to hell….Asianet cheats.

  4. Harry says:

    Asnanet – has to come out in the open and declare the scores
    How much did the judges give – What was the SMS score
    In the right weightage- show us the scores.

    In a competition – where participants have been working hard for more than 15- 16 months, in the Grand finale – How can judges (Chitra and Anuradha and celebrity Judge Yesudas exhibit their opinion by giving standing ovation-
    This defintely affects the judgement of other judges and that of the audience-
    One could see SMS number rising for Kalpana from around 5000 to over 15000

    Finally the last performance – Fusuin- people are expected to sing their favourite number – a song – instead Kalpana comes and performs fusion shreiking at the top of her voice with only Dhum dhum and la la la
    Tomorrow do not be surprised if some contenstant or any singer performs National Anthem with Dhum dhum and la la la

  5. Nathan says:

    Congratulation to the IDEA of Asianet for having selected the real, Ideal Best Singer, Kalpana
    Unlike Season 4, Asianet has managed to select without succumbing to the usual prejudicial SMS invasion to real talent, a deserved person as the best singer. Kalpana has exhibited her best talent, intelligent and dedication. None of the remaining contestants could have sung those two songs of Kalpana, one that was composed by Sharath and other the Western one. Even Yesdudas stood up and clapped and endorsed her talent. At the same time happy that Antony got his due share from Asianet, besides apt help from Mohan Lal. Immanuel could have been the second, but at least he became the 3rd. We expect such fair judgment in Season 6 also. Indeed , when it come to real recognition of any specific talent , only ability should matter and there should not be any reservation or prejudices or favoritism, based on cast creed and religion, physical beauty , place of birth and even appeasement ( Chamcha ) attitudes as weapon to subdue defects in talent.
    Now an appeal to Asia net. Why don’t you start some quiz show other programmed other than finding singer? Can Kerala expect, Idea Star Mathematician, Idea Star Computer Expert, Idea Star G.K Master or Idea Star Communicator? How many singers do we require every year? Every 3rd youth in state is some sort of a singer.

  6. arun says:

    i request the judges n producer of star singer to read these comments…no one is happy n satisfied abt ur valuation..i think really immanual deserved the title price and many f my frns think the same..asianet is making fool out f us..i’m one will believe this melodrama..even my 72 yr aged grandma cursed u all while she heard abt ur judgement..we watched this program with great interest but at last we felt shame f ourselves..please don’t try 2 bring back this crap again…i’m sure sharath is fed up of this’s becoz f that he hesitates 2 join again in the judging panel …i’ve a request to u asianet..please don’t try politics to us..u r no more better than crazy politicians..i’m fed up..planning to avoid seeing all reality shows…

  7. HARIDAS says:

    As per me compared to Season 4, this time, judges done something fair. Best Wishes to Kalpana, Mrudula, Immanuel, Antony & Akhil. As per me as a normal viewer, Akhil should be in top 3. Now we should wait & watch Season 6.



  8. SHABU JOHN J says:

    Dear Asianet Idea-Star singer Program Co-ordinators,
    Sub:- Grand Finale competition on 24-09-2011- Feed back for improvement Reg.
    My whole hearted wishes to Asianet for your wonderful initiatives to identify the talents. The Final selection process was excellent and the deserved person, Mrs. Kalpana won the title. But, thinking about the few dark areas of the program it was wounding the audience and the viewers at home. It is explained as follows,
    1) Throughout the program Ms. Ranjini Haridas was announcing on stage keeping the spirit of Malayalees and Thiruvananthapuram in mind as “Ende lokam muzhuvanum ulla malayalikale…”., “ Ende Thiruvananthapuram …”
    Asianet is a channel viewed by lakhs and lakhs of non-malayalees also. Particularly a music reality show will be viewed by all irrespective of the language. If in the other case, you are promoting only Malayalees, why should you put your channel name as Asianet; which it consist of different nations, languages, culture etc. Why couldn’t it be as Malayalinet or Keralanet or Tvm(Thiruvananthapuram)net or Travancorenet etc. ?.
    Also, when you are conducting the show at Thiruvananthapuram, all the viewers are not exclusively
    from Thiruvananthapuram . We have people from different districts and state as it is the capital of
    Kerala. Then, why should the announcement – “ Ende Thiruvananthapuram …”?

    2) While Kalpana was introduced for the Second time after the elimination, the anchor said, “Unfortunatley we have Kalpana from Chennai in the final round….”
    What is unfortunate here ?. Why couldn’t you make a norm stating that none other than Malayalees are permitted for the show ?. Also why Tamil and other language are permitted to sing (classical or semi classical or cinematic) on stage ?. Why should you take a Tamil KALAIMAMANI Anuradha Sreeram on stage and for the 2012 competitions ?. Why should you permit as judges, even Dr. Chitra, Mr. MG. Sreekumar etc. , singing in different languages?
    3) Send your SMS immediately……
    What for this SMS if it is not taken into consideration ?
    4) Basic code of ethics on stage and off stage….
    During the final competition no judges should make any gestures or verbal representation to promote any candidate’s performance. When a judge after the performance of a candidate stand and clap gives an implied representation to motivate the audience to vote. Also for example : the unethical representation made from Dr. K J Jesudas (off stage and on stage) for Kalpana is shame to his position and for the audience as he influenced others with his deed and words before the announcement of result.
    5) Respecting/ Honouring the Judges.
    At the final stage at least the judges must be honored with a shawl or memento or bouquet for their untiring presence throughout the idea-star singer for shaping the talents. But you failed to do so and they were standing unimportantly at the backstage.
    6) Anchor’s performace
    As I mentioned earlier, the ethical presentation in dress (formal and genuine ), words (avoid spirit to gender, language, state etc.) and deeds (avoid kettippidutham by Ranjini )is essential. When you make the contract itself, ensure this to avoid unnecessary comments and feedbacks from public. If the person is a figurehead even their private life will also influence the audience/viewers.
    Secondly, the voice of co-anchor was not sharp and the presence of mind to cop up with Ms. Ranjini is also missing.

    Kindly take into consideration of the above feed back for the improvement of quality.

    With Regards,

  9. satheesh says:

    Dear friends..i know this is a very much used site about idea star singer.i was als a fan of the most popular i feel this s the right plac 2 expres some f my doubts about season5 grandfinale(plzz note that m not blaming the contestants cz m a fan f most of them):::

    {[Before that,jus reminding u about the way season4 grandfinale judgement ws made:
    1.judges marks of each contestant wer displayed.
    2.sms counts wer constantly displayed
    3.sms counts of each wer proportioned to a total of 5 marks was then added to judges marks to get total marks
    5.Elimination ws done accordingly & prizes respectively.
    #seems to b flawless]}

    *#SEASON5 grandfinale#*:—
    1.JUDGES’ MARKS WER NOT AT ALL DISPLAYED AT ANY POINT OF TIME,though ranjini 1st announced about the judges marks method as each of 4 judges giving marks out of 25 for each song!@!!!!!!!!!
    2.SMS COUNTS WER DISPLAYED ONLY TWICE OR THRICE,and that too showing a difference of ONLY 40votes,nearly 500 votes,and nearly 1000 votes for 3 of 5 finalists(WHICH IS UNNNBELIEVABLEEEE),while the other 2 of 5 had a rise of 30000 and 12000.
    3.Even at final results,SMS counts wer not announced/displayed and wer not made to any proportion(out of 5 or 10 or whatever be it)
    4.and most funny,THER WS NO TOTAL MARKS(judges marks +sms ratio) while eliminating or declaring the most final result!!!!!!! personal dont have to believe it..AFTER SOMETIME DURING LIVE SHOW,VOTES WER OPEN ONLY FOR 3 CONTESTANTS.2 WER BLOCKED.SMS REPLY CAME AS NOT SENT FOR 2 of them,WHILE @ SAME TIME,VOTES 4 OTERS WER GOING FRM MY MOBILE ITSELF.but may b SOME NETWORK PROBLEM..ok..
    6.NOTE::After the 1st song of 5 contestants,Ranjini announced that THER WAS AN ELIMINATION and one is going 2 b eliminated,and contestants wer asked to get ready 4 that.After some backstage discussions,THAT RULE WAS CHANGED and ranjini announced that THERS NO ELIMINATION THEN..
    VERY NICE!!RULES ARE MADE JUS TO BREAK IT ACCORDING TO CONVENIENCE..NICE..SUPERB..(PLS NOTE THAT JUS B4 THAT,THE DISPLAYED SMS COUNTS WER:ANTONY,IMMANUAL,AKHIL IN THE RANGE OF 35000,MRIDULA 28000,KALPANA 5000).And in final result,AKHIL definitely deserved a far better position,i think there wud b no doubt..anyway,the least sms person finally became 1st,high sms ones bcame 4th & 5th,and judges marks still undisplayed..!!

    $$Counter arguement:This is a music competition.its music that should b valued.
    $$Reply:If so how come Antony overtook Deepak,shabeer,athira in semifinal when antony ws 12 marks less than deepak?

    $$Counter arguement:but antony is financially poor.
    $$Reply:(1).please allow only financially poor ones to the audition of season6
    (2)Let the middle class & rich talents take rest at Home
    (3)let judges & organisers giv poor contestants a share from the profit of show

    $$Counter arguement:in grand finale,mere sms shudnt b considered.
    $$Reply:Then damn it,they cud have said so earlier so that public dont hv 2 waste money.

    anyway,its upto you.I dnt knw how to react to al these..

    nyway,all the finalist r xtremly talented.their singing ws f a very high professinal f luck 4 them..

  10. Ravi says:

    a. It was superb when a Non-Malayalee Kalpana sang such a lengthy difficult song of Sharath, with so much of tough Malayalam words, so beautifully.
    b. It was still more appalling when she sang ‘ Natha Nee Varum Kalocha”. That song infused all those expectation and emotion of a lady, waiting for her beloved Natha to come to her.
    c. And her 3rd one, the Opera / Western was still more fascinating which showed her power or ability in breath control. It showed her mastery in multi language skills. None of the other two finalists could have done those different beats with such a perfection .Classic+ Melodious +Weston+ Acting. A lady Michal Jackson of India. She is fusion of many a talents.
    a. Somebody who could not understand her Western song; and calling it as THU THU should note that these days many a Malayalam songs are taking so many tunes from western music. Call it plagiarism or not and take it as natural outcome in this era of globalization.
    b. I can foresee Music Directors waiting for giving Kalpana her chance. Hope Kalpana will read this and do not belie our expectation from you.
    a. Please not that her SMS count increased from 5000 to 15000, i.e. 200% only after public heard her great performance in that Grand Finale Day. This sudden spurt of her SMS on the final day endorses the temperament of some genuine lovers of Music to the injustice in seeing the jacked up or engineered SMS that the others got for some more reason other than support to their real music talents
    b. This opinion does not mean that other two were not good. The only thing is that they were not even near to the abilities of Kalpana. If somebody still do not agree ‘Let us at least agree to disagree’. Let the time tell and wait for few more months to elapse. Let Kalpana prove her selection, contrary to what has happened in Season 4.
    c. Naturally judges might have given her such an unassailable high marks which could not have been covered up by the SMS the others have got more than Kalpana. Do not have biased views.

    a. All can send SMS as real appreciation. At the same time SMS should not be used ‘Suthram for Mark Sambadym”.or Sympathy Mail Service. Season 4 had succumbed to SMS invasion. However, this year it was the best judgment and Kalpana would eventually keep her critics’ are wrong. Just wait and watch.
    a. Do you think that Yesduas, Anuradha, Chirta could have been bribed or biased? Are those talented singers are such a cheap personalities? Anyone who says otherwise should have proved their knowledge in singing, forcing Asianet to call them as judges. It was Kalpana’s sheer talent and magnificent performance that made them to stood up and clapped.
    b. Anrurada is one of the best judges we have with so much knowledge in other languages. Her knowledge and comments will help the contests to Season 6 tremendously.

    a. ‘Let us be more forthright and take music above castist, religious, sympathetically, parochial considerations. Dear Asianet, you have proved that you can even do business and do justice

  11. ajith says:

    we all employees are eagerly waiting for the programme of Idea star singer and we loved in such a way. But the interpretation and evaluation taken the final is absolutely wrong and we thought it was fixed earlier that first prize should be given to kalpana. Actually she is talented lady and we all accepted it. Whereas except melody song remaining songs are not feasible and it should not bring to the final stage. She was very lazy on it and she might have thought that if she sings such a songs which is unknown by the public and the judges will bear and she was so confident that she will get the first. But as an audience very truly we are commenting that it was so stupid song she sung. Also in what way Mr. Yesudas commented that Kalpana is very talented and she sung well.? In what parameter you have taken to give first place? What is the advantage of sending messages? what is the value of messages? Are you simply sitting to take money from the public and supporting to idea team to further sponsor your programme? who is the final decision maker in your programme? Are you fixing the finalist before the finale irrespective of messages? Asianet should clarify our middle east viewers. Because we loved this channel like anything and we trusted on you. whereas you people have never gone in professional manner and now a days you are compromising your quality and just for your betterment rather than satisfying the public. Its too bad. What is our request is Please do not continue this proramme uinless you have clear clarifications and we all hate this programmes and enough. We are very sorry to bring to your notice. Why we are complaining that in future we hope you will rectify the things and we are expecting a very good programmes and Independence of judgments.We hope Mr. Madhavan will interfere in this matter and expecting the reply very soon. So that we can convince to our peoples in middle east. Once again we rae telling that Kalpana is not deserved for the first place. dam sure.

  12. jancy says:

    Being a well known Singer, Yesudas was honored in the stage at its peak and it is obvious that Yesudas comment will definitely influence the show. and therefore, first of all yesudas should not be commenting anything before the annuouncement of results, which definitely invited this issue. As a Professionnel, he should have waited until the official declarartion of the winner. I know millions of malayalis like me have the same feeling that there was no qualified proven judge to judge kalpana’s talent in western singing, which she did and Yesudas cannot comment on her western singing. She decided to sing western because it cannot be judged easily and can be an excuse. but we had no trained judge for western in that judgin panel and she should not be allowed to sing western, which makes everybody fools. In fact, Kalpana was just crying and lots of out of pitch in her first song, second song was below average and the third one was just a different language not a complete song, just like her haleluya in one of the danger zone. and it is ridiculous to give her the title of the programme. in fact i doubt, kalpana is very sneaky woman. she might have offered paying back 1 crore to asianet for choosing her to win the title. Also, i also doubt she made her all effort to get this title won and presence of yesudas (she might have paid all expenses including airfare hotel accommodation of yesudas famiy) If yesudas wanted to tell his opinion at that point of time, there was no points of all rounds and 4 judging panels, who wasted their time to judge the contestants. In my opinion, Immanuel Henry was the right person for the title or worse by Mridula warrior. This was fooling all Keralites and it should not be happening again. Oru tamizhathi title kondupoyathukondano ingane vimarshikkunnathennu ningalkku thonniyengil athalla karanam avar paadiya pattukal mattulla kuttilkal annu padiya nilavarathilethiyittila maatramalla oru videsha gaanam ( muzhuvanayittu polum padiyilla) athu judge chaiyan ariyatha judgesinte munpil avare pattichu paadi ellavareyum viddikalakki sammanam vedichu kondupoyathilulla oru aalmarosham maatramanu ithu. ithinu prathikarichillengil ini malayali ennu parayunnathil arthamilla. Eee show nadathunnuthu ningalaanengilum ithil ningal theerchayayum ithu kandu vijayippikkunna prekshakarodu theerchayayum sathyasandha pularthanam, oppam ithrayum naal kadinaadhwanam chaitha aa pavam pavam contestants immanuel henry and mridula warrior

  13. Harry says:

    After thniking for so many days, I think I have found an answer to the farce.

    Asianet is a TV channel with its roots in Kerala and have gained ground and established channels in southern states but not in Tamil Nadu.
    Therefore they made a decision to create a winner from the Tamilian group
    There were others apart from Kalpana- but got eliminated
    Kalpana being a professional playback singer, with filmy background and (being a student of one of the judges) survived with lot of “performances” in spite of the poor diction of Malayalam.

    She should have been at the best considered as a special contestant and given a special prize and should never have been made a part of the race.

    To make their selection authntic- they got hold of KJ Yesudas to come and praise Kalpana before the Judgement was declared. He and Chitra and Anuradha also gave special standing ovation to Kalpana during the competition.
    How can Judged behave like that

    Idea – like a faithful ally, tagged along with Asianet in the entire business of making mockery of the audience and public.- can’t blame them – they get profit out of SMS

    In the coming months- do not be surprised if you see an Asianet Tamil channel coming up along side the SUN TV family of channels- This is the return they get for “selecting” (not judging) kalpana as the winner

  14. kevin says:

    kalpana not at all deserved the winning title on the basis of grand finale’s performance.Mridula n Immanuel did way better than her.I didn’t feel any variety in her last round performance.Any singer who is trained in western opera singing can give a performance like that.She was trying to skip from those lyrics of malayalam songs by singing such stuff.

    Idea star singer is in fact a south Indian reality show n the prize should be given to those who sing Indian music and not opera.

    Mridula sang the toughest song in the last round and she did it well with small flaws which is quite natural in live singing.According to me,she deserved the title.She even had more no. of votes than kalpana.

    I too believe that veteran singer KJ yesudas’s words had a strong influence in the result.I felt it as a show to make her(kalpana) win.

    shame on asianet n ISS jury for cheating the people who voted.The show has lost its reality as well as popularity after this grand finale.I won’t watch this crap show here after.

  15. rjk says:

    I agree with u Kevin/ many others 100% . I hope the case will go thru.. so that ASIANET WONT FOOL ANYBODY ANYMORE !!! It’s really pathetic !!

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