Bikes & Cars Moves Into First Gear On 7th August On Amrita Tv

Amrita TV’s Bikes & Cars Moves Into First Gear On 7th August

Bikes and Cars

Bikes and Cars

Bikes & Cars, Amrita TV’s spanking new motoring show that cruises around the latest cars and snazziest bikes to hit the road, delivers the A-Z of motoring matters,  from procuring the driver’s license and  the fundas of selecting the appropriate vehicle to the nuts and bolts of maintenance. To be launched on August 7th , it will be telecast every Sunday at  11.30 am.

This ultimate ride for bike and car fans, looks at the sleek world of wheels through the ordinary buyer’s viewpoint. In contrast to the usual motor reviewing shows that are technical treatises focusing on a single model, Bikes & Cars is assembled in a magazine format and packed with quick changing segments that give a wealth of details on a variety of vehicles which will appeal to motormaniacs and the general public in equal measure.

The show starts up with Top Story where the viewers catch sight of the newest cars to roll off the assembly line, the freshest trends and styles happening in the automobile industry.

The second pair of segments Brand New for cars and First Ride for bikes, steps on the gas for a closer look at the brands and models on the road. Through extensive road tests, the sleek engines are put through their paces by driving them on a variety of surfaces, bylanes, main roads and  highways at slow, medium and high speeds. These visual test drives are full scale driving assessments which give an idea of the vehicle’s various aspects, its performance, how quickly it can accelerate, brake, turns corners, steer etc. Almost as good as being behind the wheel, it  provides the viewer with a first hand feel of the car or bike, its pros and cons even before stepping into the showroom.

Extra Gear leads the carfanatics into the exotic world of motor accessories, where he gets an eyeful of the latest gadgets from fancy headlights to designer license plates that  can totally transform a car’s appearance and customizes it to the owner’s taste. Lady Moto tailored for the ever expanding section of eve bike riders, gives tips on riding courses, licensing, apparel etc.

Go Safe covers all aspects of motorcycle safety, starting from the skills required to operate a bike with competence, how to  steer  clear of rider errors and thus avoid  crashes, the ways to negotiate one’s way safely in any street situation, benefits of two wheeler insurance and legal awareness essentials  for bike riders.

In Car Doctor, a senior mechanic gives lessons in proper car maintenance, to review the car’s

well being and diagnose and effect  minor repairs such as examining the battery for adequate water, checking oil levels, scrutinizing tires for tears and cuts etc. These do-it-yourself car care tips will spur proud owners to conduct periodical checks under the hood, instead of waiting for the car to give warning signals.

Get It, the final segment is devoted to helping the viewers to decide which car is exactly right for him, based on his budget, needs  and lifestyle.

A high profile  motoring magazine programme which speeds around the 2 wheel and 4 wheel alternatives in the motor mart, Bikes &  Cars covers the entire automotive circuit, to put the ordinary viewer in the driving seat while at the same time making it an enthusiast’s delight.

Smitha Sivaji

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