Amrita TV’s Special Programs on 2nd Oct 2010

Amrita TV’s  Homage To the Father of the Nation

Gandhi Jayanthi

Gandhi Jayanthi

October 2nd is the day India pays tribute to Gandhiji, the apostle of Ahimsa who taught the world the power of non-violence and satyagraha. On the occasion of the birth anniversary  of the Father of The Nation,  Amrita TV salutes the Mahatma, the great soul who lead us to life and freedom.

A heart warming anthology of nationalistic songs, Vandemataram, queued for the 8.30 am  slot , sets the tone for the day. Full of patriotic fervour, this ardent series consists of handpicked selections from Hindi and Malayalam movies covering the  black n’ white decades to newer releases from Prem Nazir’s ‘Schoolmaster’  to Mohanlal’s  ‘Kalpani’  .

Chamayangalillathe Dileep at 12.00 noon is  a frank and forthright conversation with Dileep as he strips off his mask of reserve to give candid answers to blunt questions, clears the air on the controversies surrounding the production of ‘Twenty Twenty’, speaks his mind  on the allegations being hurled at him, denies that he has developed ‘starry airs and so on.

Shyamaprasad, Renjith and VK Prakash, the alumni of the Trichur School of Drama return for a rendezvous to their Alma Mater, to revisit the haunts of their campus days and take a trip down the avenues of their memory in Puna Samagamathinte Oru Orma at 2.00pm.

Parunthu  starring Mammootty, Jaya Surya , Laxmi Rai etc will be aired at 3.00pm. Bhama the upcoming star shares her experience in the film world, her relationship with her co-stars and  her maturing as an actor in Thara Thilakkam at 7.00pm.

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